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  • Joaniereb and Motor have been married for over 30 years, and on their anniversary they decided to return to the very hotel where they spent their first night together as husband and wife.
    Motor was on the bed when Joaniereb came out of the bathroom, completely nude, just like she did on their wedding night.
    She struck a sexy pose and asked Motor "Honey, what were you thinking about when I came out of the bathroom like this all those years ago?"
    Motor said "I looked at you and thought to myself that I'd like to fuck your brains out and suck your tits dry."
    Joaniereb says "And what are you thinking now?"
    Motor tells her "I'm thinking I did a pretty good job of it!"

    This topic is deleted.
    • Eeeeddddd!!! LoL

      Well man could have been Jack and Jill or Fred and Wilma a host of other names. If you said Ed and Joanie she might have gave you a laugh. She would be the 1st to tell you there is no way me and her would ever make 30 days married let alone 30 years. LoL. She is sworn to Mr Ed. It's all about size, not quality. "damn did I complement and bitch slap Ed in one sentence. J/K "

      I give it an passing grade just because you are trying to interject humor in to what has turned into the "let me see how stupid I can sound today" show. I just don't know how Joanie will react to being called old and dried up. She's a tough girl so maybe you will get a smurk as apposed to a grin. LoL.



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