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    Nascar's Boil

    The Boil on the backside of Nascar has to be Bruton Smith the owner of Speedway Motorsports Incorporated. When you look up the word greed in the dictionary, his picture is what you should see. Those of you that hated to see the demise of North Wilksboro should know that it is directly due to the greed of Bruton Smith.

    He latest outburst was to question the location of the final race in Miami that he referred to as north Cuba. Where does he suggest they move the final race to? Las Vegas. Why? Because ISC owns Homestead and Smith owns Vegas.

    I understand why he wants the final race at one of his tracks, but do you have to insult the hispanic community in the process? This is not a gain to Nascar as Smith insists only a gain for his greedly little hands.

    Las Vegas could have two races anytime they want one. The only stipulation is that Smith move one of his other dates from one of his tracks. Smith took a date from Atlanta to move to Kentucky for next year. If he was so concerned with Vegas, he could have moved the race there. Smith instead was trying to stir up the fan base against ISC to attempt to steal a date. To Mr Smith I say, don't do me any favors.

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    • roushkateer-great post and well put

    • FINALLY, a post that has nothing to do with "who's a dumbass or who's gay or anything else that these children on here seem to think is "fun""
      I applaud u sir and i also agree. that seems to be what its all about-greed.he had the oppurtunity to send one of his own races there but chose not to. myself i do not know if that comment was meant as ajab to the hispanic community but id know that it was wrong.he has plenty of funds and the only word to describe his outlook was hit on the head when u said greed.
      now dont be suprised if someone comments on here telling u "ur gay or what a homo" thats just what they do when they have no idea what u r talking about.
      sheeesh kids... everyone should go back to spanking so that maybe they dont act like this.
      great post .

      • 1 Reply to D
      • I am truly NOT offended by that remark Dizzy..LOL

        if the truth were to be known...im not offended by ANYTHING on this board..these guys can insult and be stupid...but i'll ALWAYS..let them know how unacceptable their behavior is...even if anyone don't like it...

        and by the way..I have the utmost respect for Roush....he's a hometown boy and there are not alot of them that even try to play nice...


        OH..i almost forgot...Jomo jerkin is still stupid and he knows it...


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