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  • D D Sep 5, 2010 4:22 PM Flag

    Nascar's Boil

    FINALLY, a post that has nothing to do with "who's a dumbass or who's gay or anything else that these children on here seem to think is "fun""
    I applaud u sir and i also agree. that seems to be what its all about-greed.he had the oppurtunity to send one of his own races there but chose not to. myself i do not know if that comment was meant as ajab to the hispanic community but id know that it was wrong.he has plenty of funds and the only word to describe his outlook was hit on the head when u said greed.
    now dont be suprised if someone comments on here telling u "ur gay or what a homo" thats just what they do when they have no idea what u r talking about.
    sheeesh kids... everyone should go back to spanking so that maybe they dont act like this.
    great post .

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