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  • OOZING OOZING Aug 31, 2010 11:31 PM Flag

    Who's got a joke?


    Jeff Gordon,Jimmy Johnson and Dale Jr. all went out on Lake Norman for a friendly day of fishing. Once they got out to where they wanted to try their luck, Jeff noticed that in their haste to start fishing, they had forgotten to unload their fishing poles from the truck. Jeff says.."Damn..I'm not going back without any fish..", so he pulls off his pants and throws his manhood over into the water. To everyones dismay, he pulls in a 3lb bass. He takes the fish from his member, pokes it's eyes out and tosses it in the cooler. Not to be out done, Jimmy drops his trousers and let's his manhood drop into the water. Soon, he is pulling in a 6lb bass! He withdraws from the fish, pokes it's eyes out and tosses his catch into the cooler. They both turn to Jr. and ask if he would like to try his luck. Jr. turns redfaced and finally answers."Sure , but you have to promise not to poke my eyes out...!!!

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