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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Aug 31, 2010 8:50 PM Flag

    Who's got a joke?

    Ok, it's time to pull your big boy panties up for this one...

    Jesus is hangin' on the cross, he scans the crowd and sees Peter milling about. He says in a very monotone voice. "Peter, Peter, come up here." Peter tries to fight his way through the Roman guard to no avail.

    Once again Jesus says "Peter, come up here." Peter fights his way through the Roman guard, grabs a ladder and scampers to the top asking "Yes Lord?"

    Jesus replys...

    "Dude, I can see your house from here."


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    • Mickey goes to the judge after speaking to him before about getting a divorce with Minney. The judge says "I'm sorry Mickey but I couldn't find grounds for divorce for being insane. Mickey looks stunned and says "I didn't say she was insane I said she was fuc**** Goofy


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