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  • KillerToad KillerToad Aug 29, 2010 12:54 AM Flag

    20 years ago today

    Yeah man it was just 20 years ago today that I gave Mojo's and DepotDawg's mom that 10 dollar bill and said "give me the slap and tickle special." I mean you can't really hold it against me, she needed the money.

    How was I to know that they would both grow up to be such complete embarrassments? Then again, Richard Simmons and some dude with a Romco turkey baster entered the room just as I was leaving so they could be held equally responsible for bringing the two most worthless pieces of human sperm into this world as well.

    But I apologize for the lot of us.

    Hey girls.. where are you? You called out the Toad. I was expecting some fun. Why hide? Come get some.


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