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  • KillerToad KillerToad Aug 26, 2010 6:13 PM Flag

    Track question for you

    But wouldn't it make the most business sense to allow your product to get into new markets? Why do they continue to try to force this sport into places like Phoenix and Fontana when there are clearly not enough fans for 2 dates? Kentucky and Iowa would sell out every time as would Montreal. It just makes sense money wise for them.

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    • Yes, these tracks would sell out for the initial event, but once the "novelty" has worn off, then attendance would plummet, especially in Montreal and Iowa.

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      • I think Thet Montreal could support a Cup race, there are a number of Canadian NASCAR fans - who actually sit through rain-drenched races to see the whole race.

        The Montreal venue is, from what I heard, absolutely one of the most fan-desirable venues for beauty, friendliness, convenience, and general activities.

        Then, there is this to consider, from Ed Hinton (http://sports.espn.go.com/rpm/nascar/cup/columns/story?columnist=hinton_ed&id=5498051):

        "Some U.S. tracks draw significant numbers of Canadian fans.

        Michigan International Speedway reports that 15 percent of its ticket sales for Cup races are to Canadians. The percentage has continued to grow, even in the economic hard times that lowered attendance from the state of Michigan itself.

        New Hampshire Motor Speedway reports a steady 10 percent of its ticket sales are to Canadians. Watkins Glen's crowd was 5 percent Canadian for the race there this month.

        I've never heard Canadians whine that they don't have a NASCAR driver they can relate to. Canadians, by and large, go by the notion that they can relate to all people, everywhere."

        I know thet Montreal is very high on my list of tracks to go for, and for and NNW race...every year I promise myself I'll be there next year...and, well - next year for sure, LOL!

      • Well then you give another track a shot. Keep them rotating every 2 years. But how would you ever know unless you give these spots a chance?

        I completely disagree with the Canadian views, I think there are countless rabid nascar fans there and that they are really missing the boat by not have several races there.


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