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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Aug 25, 2010 9:58 PM Flag

    Why Busch-Whack?

    No, I'm not talking about Kurt &/or Kyle, nor anything double-entendre-ie. The " Busch Triple Weekend" thread, by 'brtringgary', really got me thinking - and about a subject thet always seems to be in the back of people's minds, when not at the fore-front.

    Back when the NNW series was called The Busch Series, Sprint Cup drivers who did "double duty" were called "Busch-Whackers", and I haven't heard a good name for it since then.

    So, why do Sprint Cup Drivers do Double Duty? What do Y'All think? Does the sport gain or lose from "bush-whacking"?

    There is one announcer (cain't think of who right now) who says over-and-over, "The big-name Sprint Cup drivers use the Nationwide series to pay for their private jet fuel", so they cain fly privately to-and-from the race. It IS, compared to their other sources of income, "pocket-money" to them. So, if they race the NNW, they cain pay to go to the track on their own terms and in style and comfort.

    Many drivers claim thet there is NOTHING, experience-wise, to be gotten from racing the NNW - they say thet the cars are so different thet sometimes, it throws them off for The Big Race, and is more of a deterrent than a help. (It was either JJ or Jeff Gee who made what was correctly billed as "a rare appearance in the NNW" a year or two ago, and finished the race, and talked in detail about how the car handling and lack of horse-power made it seem like being hobbled, and it didn't feel like a race).

    Yet others - like the almost painfully honest Paul Menard - say it makes all the difference in doing better in The Sprint Cup races. And - look at who did notably better at Bristol than was predicted after racing in the Bristol NNW - Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman immediately come to mind. Without testing, it gives them more track-time.

    Getting an NNW Championship seems Very Important to most Big-Name drivers, and after they do it, they usually move on from running both schedules full time. On the other hand, Carl Edwards, thet Very Competitive Man, has jest announced he will run full-time in both series next year.

    I also jest quoted "NASCAR is considering not allowing Sprint Cup regulars to race for the drivers championship next season" in detail in 'brtringgary''s very fine thread.

    It seems like a Hot Topic these days - anyone got anything for it?

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    • oh look, a nascar post!

    • Dalesillegitimateson® Dalesillegitimateson® Aug 28, 2010 11:03 PM Flag

      yer a bigger idiot than Nobama!

      good luck with that

    • Where did I say take cup drivers out? I agree with out the draw of the elite drivers many wouldn't even show up.

      I do think they should be limited to starts. I would like to see an actual Nationwide driver win the Nationwide championship. Even this year Kes is a full time Sprint driver. Though not as seasoned as the others who run all the time. He is still a Cup Driver and should win this year. In his defense this is only his 3rd full time season in NNS. Limiting starts would be the only change I would like to see in the future.


    • You have to do time in nationwide to get a cup ride. They are not equals. Cup drivers are the elite or the pro's and Nationwide is where cup teams develop their future drivers, just as minor leagues do with baseball. No nationwide is not the minors but that is where the young talent comes from and the trucks are where the old farts go.


    • You don't see NFL, NHL, or MLB players playing in the minor leagues at the same time do you? In every other major sport once a player makes the show the last thing they want to do is get sent back to the minors. It makes no sense for a Cup driver to race in the Nationwide series unless they know they don't have the talent to win a championship at the Cup level.

      On top of that it takes a seat away from new young drivers who could possibly gain exposure from racing in the Nationwide series.

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      • Side note, Killer Toad:

        Depot Dawg makes it a point to insult every one here, so don't be offended....he has proudly pointed out in the past thet his thing is to piss people off...and, he has pretty much pissed everyone off multiply, LOL...

      • Racing is totally different game then what you mentioned.Its all about Business.Racing has more classes in it than just one.It would be approached more differently if it was`nt.

        Driver/owner is becoming the norm more today than before.

      • Not only that, Nascar isn't the NFL or MLB or NBA. Since when did Nascar have to do whatever other sports are doing? Would be ok in your opinion if the NFL and all of them had done it first? Your arguments amount to nothing on a scale of total nothingness, because you absolutely have no idea that the National cars are absolutely in no form whatsoever and similar to Sprint Cars. Just because you view the Nationwide Series as the "Minor Leagues" only shows your lack of intelligence and total ignorance to the sport of racing.
        Just because the NHRA has drivers in it that are young and don't and probably can't ever possibly compete at the level of a full time Sprint Cup car driver in the Sprint Cup series, doesn't mean that the NHRA is the "Minor Leagues". The only reason any idiot ever associates National Cars with Sprint Cars is because of the fact that they are both governed by the same owners.
        Jesus Christ Nationwide Series is not the minors, now shutup morons.

      • What makes no sense is your failing to comprehend the fact that Nationwide was never meant to be considered "The Minor Leagues". Nationwide vehicles are totally different than Sprint Cup cars, so your argument is moot.
        The only people who consider Nationwide "The Minors" are the unknowledgable race fans who have absolutely no idea about National cars. A National car is totally different then a Sprint Car. So please quit coming on here sounding like an idiot, when you don't know what you are talking about, not even in the slightest form.

    • Well I guess not one of those Sprint Cup drivers should ever go to dirt tracks and race or do any other racing event in the whole world, because of them being soooo succesful. After all that would be and is an unfair advantage because they are soo good.
      Get real anyone who complains about any driver doing anything that he/she may be passionate about is a loser who has no idea about success. Either that or you are just a biggot who got rich by taking advantage of other people because you are so smart, and you say it is wrong for other people to do the same thing.
      Any sports entertainer in the world has the right and the due diligence to perform at any level, or as many levels, they please to. It isn't their fault they are so successful.
      No driver would ever get a shot at the Sprint Cup, if you held the same true for a driver who isn't as successful or talented, as you state should be the case for those who are very succesful and talented. After all should be the same for every talent out there. The Sprint Cup drivers who are very succesful were once upon a time drivers with not a huge amount of talent in the Sprint cars, however were succesful at the level they were performing at. We cannot hold a driver back just because he/she may be better then everyone around him, otherwise we would have to hold the same against those whom are far less talented.

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      • Now, thet's a good point, too - and I've got to admit, I'm the one who is always declaring my love for "pure racers", like Smoke & Robby, who will race ANYYHING with a a passion....BUT, along thet line of thought, why aren't they racing Arca, Camping Touring (Car) World Series, Midgets, etc? Because they out-grew them, perhaps?

        Yes, it gives me great joy to see Smoke and a few others run the dirt tracks and some USAC, The Dakar and Baja, and mebbe even open-wheel it a bit (don't think thet's happened in while, tho) - But, taking over the second tier series full-time, and to the point thet a lot of struggling NNW teams cain't make the show - might be questionable...

        I do think they add draw (and thus, very important revenue) and raise the quality of the racing at the NNW level, and many young drivers love the chance to compete against and learn from them...

        My personal opinion, as I stated elsewhere, is I think they should be allowed to race for the purse, but not the points and championship, once they have been full-time Sprint-Cuppers for more than three years....

    • With Cup guys racing in the NNW series, sponser get exposure while paying less money. While this is great in the short term for sponsorsand the race fans of today. It will effect the compitition in Cup in the next few years and we're starting to see it now.

      In the last three years, new drivers in Cup have accounted for only 6 wins and 4 of those came from the 2007 class (Montoya and Reutimann). The other two were Logano's rain win at Loudon and Keselowski's win at Talladega.

      Now we have a lack of rookies, Only Kevin Conway has attempted to qualify for the majority of the races. I say majority because he didn't attempt the Daytona 500 and the second Michigan race. He's going to win the ROTY honors be default, but to be honest, I don't think he deserves it.

      As far as rookie drivers for next year, we may not have one.

      With all that said however, I do know that previous rookie classes didn't produce a winner. 1990 and 1992 are two examples.

    • For the life of me, I cant think of any reason why, a driver that has earned his ticket to the big show, would wanna go back to minor league. Carl edwards probably does it cuz he knows he has a better chance of winning races for money. Kyle does it cuz he is just a greedy, beedy eyed, money needin, daddy never told him he loves him, disrespectful baby, & cuz they can. Unless my EGO was hurting, or my pocketbook, I wouldnt do it. Pro football players dont get to go back to college. Pro baseball players do get sent back to AAA or AA minor league teams, but only if they are nursing an injury, or just struggling. If this doesnt help ya, maybe its just the way they look at it. The more time they spend in a car, any car, on the track, really does help some of them, not all drivers are gonna be the same.


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