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    MoToR's silly ranting.....


    Hey anyone thats honest.....a while back when Jimmie Johnson passed Kurt Busch (at the Brickyard or Mich. I think)the same way Kyle Busch passed Keslowski in the Nationwide race friday, did MoToR have the meltdown he's having now over the Kyle Busch issue....I'll bet not...I wasn't posting on this MB at the time, so help me out on this one...

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    • No Motor didn't rant about it because he is a total goon and hypocrite. He keeps saying that Nascar should do something about it, but only when it happens to his driver. If Kyle gets spun out anytime pre-Kes incident Motor would have been the first person on this board to say thanks to the driver who did it. He is just a frickin tool and nothing he says every amounts to a pile of beans, its hilarious how he types his 20 paragraph posts and replies, when in the end everyone knew he was a critic and a hypocrite. The only time Motor bashes Nascar is when something happens to his driver.
      Oh yah I would like to close by stating THANK YOU JPM, haha great job taking out JJ, now that is true racing class and JPM should be rewarded a huge bonus by Gaynazi. Anyways JPM is definitely my second favorite driver now and I may just take Jamie as my 3rd everytime I have picked him this year and I mean everytime he gets me huge points. Maybe I will have to rethink the Gaynazi thing lmao.

    • you are new to this board obviously. I rant on here all the time. I will not deny I am the biggest bloviator on this board. I don't think any one will. Joanie is a close second though. I voice my opinions loud and clear. sometimes I do get carried away and being I just got back in front of my computer it was easy to do. It is no secret I hate Kyle and Carl. Carl I did not use to hate, but he showed me this year he is a bigger @$$ than Kyle. Many will disagree with me. My reasoning on that is Kyle at least has the Nads to be a D!ck all the time. Carl is a 2 faced SOB who plays nice for the camera. I trust Kyle More because he don't try to hide behind a set of Donkey teeth.

      As for what I said about Kyle being toted off in a hearse I do need to apologize for that. I went too far with that. Most out here Know i was just blowing off steam. I would never want to witness what I did my 1st full race watched. Knowing I was not going to see what everyone was saying was the best thing since slice bread was a real bummer. I'm sure I would have hated him too. I don't think dirty driving has any place in this sport, but I will admit that I do love to see drivers like Kyle and Carl being taken out. I think about the "what if's" and I don't want to see a stupid hot headed move cost someone a life. These cars are safe but nothing can protect them from everything. NASCAR has done everything to make this car safe as it can be. Everything but control the drivers. Wrecking someone because you wanted too is not racing. Whether Kes does it or Kyle. This year Kes has done nothing and yet everyone still believes he has. who has he wrecked on purpose this year, and don't even try to say Carl. That one has been proven time and time again that Carl was the idiot who came down on Kes.

      I have asked a lot of my friends and acquaintances if they will be going to AMS this year and all but the group I'm going with have said they quit watching. After this weekend I kind of get it. as hard as this is to say they gave credence to the ranting of DepotDawg. Their inconsistent rules calling is what makes them look illegitimate. What was the difference between Carl and Kes incident and Kyle and Kes? only the fact Kyle just wrecked him and Carl leaves people in harms way. If what Kyle did was just hard racing than Take Both Carl and Kes off probation. I bet Kyle wouldn't have spun Kes if he knew he would be getting a payback. The mystery cautions for Gimmie don't help their situation either. other questions are why is it just because Jr runs the 3 he can win and when Hendrick has family tragedies Gimmie wins and when Jack Roush crashes a plain suddenly his drivers win. Just starting to sound like it could be scripted. I'm not going that far but one could come to that conclusion easy.

      It's real easy for them to fix. Define Hard racing. no more gray area. Purposely wreck a driver sit of track as long as they do or 2 lap minimum. No one should win by wrecking the other car. there are cases where hard racing causes wrecking at the end, but when you turn a car on purpose you are cheating. you are not racing. We would rather see 2 cars beating on each others sides then one car going on to a easy victory because he knocked out the one guy who had a car as good or better than him. Kyle is a Beady Eyed Weasel and that is how he will always be looked at on this board as long as my friends and I are on this board. There are a lot of us too. LoL. we are up to 359 last time I looked with only 1 or 2 weasel fans amongst us.


    • 1 I don't care too much about Kurt because he has Busch blood.

      2 Gimmie isn't a dirty driver like Kyle.

      3 Kyle is a beady eyed weasel who is just far too arrogant.

      4 Kyle is a Beady Eyed Weasel.

      5 Kyle is a Beady Eyed Weasel

      6 Kyle is a Beady Eyed Weasel

      7 cheaters never win, unless in Nascar

      8 Kyle will never be a cup champion only a chump.

      9 Gimme didn't do anything on purpose, it was just racing

      10 did I mention Kyle is a Beady Eyed Weasel?


    • he said he never got to watch the 3 car or didnt start by dales death but yet has an opion on the 18 if his time is that short then why do people listen to him hes older then me i think the motor blew


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