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  • MoToR® MoToR® Aug 21, 2010 6:41 PM Flag

    Brad Blasts from the past:

    all i can say is kids make mistakes. and that was one. Kryle as a veteran should be held to a higher example. all the young drivers like brad thought they could do it because the veterans like Kryle get away with it time after time. it has been proven time and time again Brad did nothing wrong in Dega or AMS but the ones who hate fail to see the truth. As long as Kryle keeps it up young strong drivers will drive like they are drove against.

    In the video with Hamlin and Kes all i can say is Kes said don't bring you cup @$$ down here and think your going to push me out of the way. Was he right in doing it, Well Dummy did start it, we see that Nascar lets it go even though they had a come to Jesus meeting with him. (Where was Kryles) Since when is it kewl to wreck to points leader on purpose while leading a race?

    Well If it was Me I would wreck Kyle and say I was just racing hard. What can NASCAR do? Make them self even more lacking in legitimacy?



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