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  • you think it's bad now wait till next year! this health insurance scam is going to be the end of this great country. we will pay billions for something we will never receive. insurance costs are going to skyrocket. Doctor's will quit and all because 1 man and 60 guys who's mascot is a Jack ass decided to go against what we the people want. I thought they were suppose to be our voice not our rulers.

    As for campsites. They have to get what they can now. soon Nascar will lose all sponsors and have to close shop. No one has millions of dollars to throw away on some red necks who take each other out on purpose. Every year they lose more and more sponsors. why because the payback just isn't there. people don't have the money to go see it, so then TV advertisements go through the roof. we see more commercials than actual racing I think. so can't afford to go, tired of commercial after commercial. The writing is on the wall. Nascar is one of the most expensive sports to stay in. it's not like other sports where the equipment does not cost more than the players. then the players go out and purposely take out others. Read the writing on the wall. This so called sport is going to disappear if thing don't change not just with the economy but from with in itself.



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