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  • jason jason Aug 21, 2010 6:06 AM Flag

    bristol campsites

    It's 100$ for the week or weekend how ever long u decide to stay, been there done that, u moron.

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    • "Been there done that" so why are you not doing it anymore? was it not fun enough? no it was too ƒ'ing expensive to do. this sport thinks that people will just throw money at it. For the most part they have but they think they will be getting a bail out when they run out of money. and tell me they are staying a float. Everything has dropped merchandising, attendance, viewership. Watch Nascars next move to save its self. fining the drivers so they can stay a float. How long can you take from with in and stay afloat? They have a big pool to pull from, but it is getting smaller and smaller. watch the huge fines that will start to show up in the near future.



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