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  • OOZING OOZING Aug 21, 2010 4:17 AM Flag

    bristol campsites


    i know i'll get hung for this-but-i'd be all for a french style revolution.drag all the corporate leaders and politicians into the street and hang them and start anew.

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    • can we start with Obama. Talk about needing a good hanging. Lied to get in office and had 6 vacations already. today he is at a place that cost $50,000 a week. Doesn't the president only make $250,000 a year. So he spends 1/5 of his pay to stay in a place? Oh wait no WE pay for it don't we. just like we paid for Mrs. O'Sh!t to go to spain just weeks ago. Why? Because she wanted to go. Did she do anything for this country while there. No!! when the last 2 1st ladies went to other countries they didn't just go to hang with royalty. they went to see sick people and do charity work. I guess she thinks "I got out of the ghetto I don't want to see yours. I'm royalty now"

      The other thing that is killing us is the Lazy people we pay to sit on their Fat @$$e$ smoke cigs drink beer and collect welfare and food stamps. survival of the fittest, stop welfare abuse and let the week die. Fat lazy and do nothing for yourself, then live on the streets and we will burn you when your dead. Fire is cheap. we will even throw some cigarettes in so you can smoke in death. This country is going to hell in a hand basket. Bail out the banks for bad decisions. bail out big companies who's executives have robbed the company. while the people who paid for it all go with out work. So Who the ƒ' is paying the bills.

      Man I'm in a foul mood today.



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