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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 20, 2010 9:53 PM Flag

    Shame kyle ruined a good race

    the racing was good till he lost his talent and to rely on cheating because he knew he would be beat.


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    • ƒin cheater

    • When the drivers were real men and drove with out all the amenaties the cars have now; no way Busch would be running three races in three days at Bristol. I hate stick and ball sports, I will never watch them. But I just dont see how drivers are athletes anymore.

      I hope a mob of fans beats the shit out of Busch after the race tonight. He is a clown.

      However, wrecking people is not cheating. And quite frankly I am not pissed about what Busch did to Kes. People getting wrecked is part of racing, dont like it find a new hobby. Its the gesture he made to the fans after the race. That was uncalled for.

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      • wrecking comes with the territory, this is true, but dumping a car is not racing. It is poor sportsmanship. he proved that with is gestures to the fans. What a tool Kyle is!

        You maybe right! Maybe my intelligence is too much to lower it to watch this so called sport. Racing is about speed not using your car as a weapon. If you think what he did was legitimate racing, you are part of NASCAR's redneck image. No real sport would allow unsportsmanlike conduct. Purposely taking out a car is not racing and kyle robbed us of a good race. Then admitting he did it on television. Did you hear the fans Booing!!! Wonder if nascar heard that? Real people don't like cheap shots. They are their to see hard racing which they got till kyle decided to cheat. YES! Cheat!!! Try a move like that in any other legitimate sport. Only redneck shows allow vengeance. Like wrestling where it is all scripted. it wasn't even vengeance because he is the one who got loose sliding up in front of a faster car. He made a dumb move and almost paid for it so he got mad and took out the one car he couldn't pass. Kes raced him clean and was left with no option when kyle got loose as he went up in front of the faster car. if kes wanted to take him out he could have. if he wanted to avoid hitting Kyle he could not. Kyle put himself there. when he wasn't fast enough to be there. Momentum on the outside carried the faster car into the slower one. If kyle had not go loose it would have been a clean pass. and Kes would not have got into him. There was nothing Kes could do.


      • I love reckin, rubbin and racin. I just dont like how Kyle is a whiney little bitch and always blames everyone else for what he does. It was your fault...be a man and suck it up. Big E never fucking whined about getting wrecked or appoligized for wrecking anyone.

      • "i hope a mob of fans beats the shit out of busch after the race tonight.......RLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        the thought of an angry mob chasing kyle w/ torches and pitch forks is quite humorous

    • Actually there was no need for it as he would have been right back to him in the next corner and pick up where they left off.


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