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  • MoToR MoToR Aug 19, 2010 12:05 PM Flag

    The truth will shine through

    Can mojo keep his word? Today is the day. A gave you my take a few times last night. Now will you do as you said? I even called you by your screen name. I will even give you a topic you should be able to answer.

    Why do you like Kyle Busch? I told you why I was a dodge fan, so here is you opportunity to keep your word.

    To all other posters, please use this thread to give your reason for liking who you like. I would really love to hear from some jr fans. Also please refrain from immediately smacking mojo. You can't change him if you don't change your approch with him. Now if he decides that he will not honor his word than have at it. @least give him the chance to change though


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    • and i like dodge 2.Had 2 68 cudas and a 66 coronet in h.s.and step dad had a 68 charger 440 6 pack at the time.

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      • he used the charger at the strip for parade laps pulling slack and hallmans 68 cuda funny car.

      • The 440 six pack was one bad MoToR scooter. Torque out the wazoo. Instead of a twister put a 440 six pack in a a car today you could it twisted. LoL. My plans are to one day own a srt8 challenger. It is the one car that I would let go of my stealth for. I just have to get back to where I was before things got all messed up. Till then I'll be happy with my charger. No it's not a hemi but it still will move and it's the family car, and my wife's. I don't want anything to do with my car having 4 doors or an automatic. LoL.


    • I didn't start watching NASCAR till Gordo's rookie year, so I kinda picked him up as my favorite because it was both of our Rookie years in NASCAR..and with the success of Jimmy Johnson I guess I became more of an all around fan of HMS which has grown more since the inception of Mark Martin to the team, whom I have a great deal of respect for.

      I have never been much of a fan of Jr...and that has alot to do with stupid fans...(not all of you fall into that category)...but I have tried to turn my one good eye toward Jr. since Rick picked him up. If you saw the Shaq Vs show with Jr..then you know he is not lacking for anything except victories. He's not that "Moonshine" runner looking make a name for himself, which may explain his mediocrity.

      However If I had to pick a driver outside the HMS camp, I would have to say it's Carl Edwards!

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      • What are you a F'ing idiot? Do you have sh!t for brains. What are you thinking. J/K lmao.

        You will see the error of your way with Carl just as I did. I like that someone I like cam have a diffence of opinion. We have had plenty of time to disagree about this and will have many more. I also know none of how this started will ever be posted in serousness.

        I bet after the first few lines a bunch of people thought "oh no this board is going to go nuts if those 2 are fighting. LoL. WmC you know we will always be friends, and I look forward to many more debates where we disagree. When we can find them. LoL.


    • Seeing as I am Aussie, it would be hard for me not to follow Marcos.

    • i like kyle bush cause he will drive a car on the edge like no one else.sure he goes over the edge particularly early in his career and yes he is actually starting to bother me the way he is points racing lately but when he wants to he can get up on a wheel like few others.I was a big rusty wallace fan and kyle reminds me of him in personality and behind the wheel.

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      • Kyle is high on my list, perhaps second.

        Think everyone knows thet I am all about Smoke, and also a Robby Gordon fan - they are both "pure racers" - its all about the racing, and they cain and will race anything. I'm always quoting the ol', "you cain give Smoke a cockroach, and he'll figure out how to drive it for the win".

        Also, they are Mavericks.

        Carl Edwards is climbing on my list. The man has cajones.

        I'm actually a fan of a lot of racers, but Smoke first, watching him - and now Kyle - get down and RACE gives me real joy. (It's hard days for those of us who love us some Robby.)

    • Favorite?, thats kinda tough, but I guess id go with el gordo.

    • .......NOPE......

    • mom raced a vette home from the strip once 150mph down the freeway with 3 kids in the back seat.Ah memories.sry.