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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Aug 15, 2010 7:47 PM Flag

    Anybody early favorites for Bristol!

    Y'know, Truex might make an interesting dark horse.

    He ran a new engine today, if I understand correctly, and seemed very happy with it prior to the race. And, it held up, and he got an 8th place finish today. And, it is my understanding the Michigan is hard on engines - tho' I'm not sure why (experts?).

    Having finished 12th at Bristol in the spring, if he runs the new engine again, he might be a good dark-horse for a top 10.
    Right about the "C" picks, Bobby. I'm gonna be looking "outside the box" on this one. I'm actually feling bad thet David Stremme is gone from the 26 - I never put him on my roster, because qualifying was touch-and-go in thet car - but the team is DEDICATED to running every race it gets in, and Stremme pulled some decent top 25 finishes - he was 24th at Bristol in spring, and I would settle for a top 25 in this race.

    I hate to waste a Menard or Allmendinger here, as they cain do so much better elsewhere, and I'm down on starts for both of them. And, 36 degrees of banking means No Sammy for me there. I might look at Regan Smith, or even Travis Kvapil, whom does surprising well with what he has to work with.

    (Now, I'm not suggesting this - but, jest pointing out - Tony Raines managed to finish the 34 car on the lead lap. He was in for Conway - who, despite being dropped from the Extenze car and rarely finishing on the lead lap, will likely still get rookie of the year....)

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