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  • Carl once again finishes behind Kes. As not even a bad clutch could keep him from winning the race. Carl's hopes of becoming a NNS champ once again are slowly washing away as cup regulars are dominate once again.

    The Challenger is going to be a force on the track next year with lil gator quickly getting the feel for the NNS series.


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    • LoL coming from you that is a complement. Why do people insist on looking stupid with post out here. Is it national show everyone you're a tard day. Don't you have some sort of conspiracy to post about.


    • TOOL!!!!

    • LMAO!! do you look at the trash you post? He isn't going for the win? WTF is he there for then. What is with the idiotic posts this weekend. Are you as dumb as your posts sound? Ooooooo lets all post stupid posts to MoToR. good god isn't one tard enough. Come on tell us how good your game is. Just like some other tard running around the board talking about game, who's 1st post was "any day is a good when jimmy johnson and jeff gorden do bad." Yep you and him are one in the same. both little kids with even smaller minds.


    • Not only that you and the genius announcers for Nascar are the only ones who have stated that Carl was going for wins in NNS. How do you know he isn't just there to get the team developed? Geesh you all complain when a driver wins too much in the NNS. Now a driver is nice enough to let some nobody win races and championships in the NNS, and you say he is in inferior equipment and isn't a good driver lmao. WTF one day you want this, the next day you want that. You all can't have it both ways. You are just a product of the brainwashing that the announcers for Nascar do. CARL NEVER STATED ONCE THAT HE WAS TRYING TO WIN RACES OR THE NNS CHAMPIONSHIP. So get over yourself. Carl will be back in true form next year, and that is for sure. Brad will still be sitting in the bubble spot close to 35th all year long and you fools will be revealed for what you are, TOOLS!!!!

    • I believe you are the only one who ever insinuated that Carl was trying to become the NNS champ. Has Carl ever stated once that his aspiration in NNS was to win the championship? I know he hasn't. Carl is just racing in NNS for the money. It is obvious that his true focus is Sprint Cup. Because unlike Keselowsy he is actually going to be in the Chase, you know the race for the championship that really matters to the big time drivers. Where is Keselowski in points in the Sprint Cup? Ohhh that is right nowhere to be found lmao. Get over it Motor Kes has nothing on Carl and nor will he ever. Carl will win his first and probably second Sprint title long before Kes even gets close to making the Chase. Nuff Said.


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