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  • KillerToad KillerToad Aug 14, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    Kes wins again

    NNS is the only thing Horseface has a chance to win. When Brad K has as much experience at the Cup level as Carla has, he will have destroyed mamma boys record.

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    • I guess the part about that statement that lingers and kills you and all Carl haters the most is only time will tell and we will have to wait and see. Because I am almost 100 percent positive that Brad will never be as strong as Carl is in Sprint Cup. Carl had how many top 5's and wins in his first full time year in Sprint Cup? How many has Brad had? Yeah you know the answer, Brad has nothing on Carl, cept the right place, the right ride, at the right time. Carl is in inferior equipment all year and he still made the Chase, what is Brad's excuse? If you think that him gaining the Blue Deuce ride will help him any, then you are foolish, because I guarantee you that Miller Lite only sponsors half the schedule next year. Brad will always be nothing more then a strict R&D driver and you and all of his supporting cast know it and that is why you are taking shots while you still have the oppurtunity. You low blow chumps will fade in the end because you know your time is limited. NUFF SAID!!!

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      • i agree Nuff said from you. LoL.

        Carl isn't in it ye,. is he? and if he is so good why is it he can't beat him when he is on track with a bunch of less experienced drivers. Carl is with a long time established team, and is struggling. How many wins does he have in Cup? Was the 9 wins a fluke like Kyle's also. It seems the same thing happens to drivers when they haver a crew chief make the right calls for them a lot in one year. Look at Newman. everyone thought he was going to be awesome. 9 wins countless poles and then the next yea struggles and every year after just gets worse. He got a lucky streak last year, but is right back where he left off with penske. Carl is a idiot and will be suspended from the sport one day. He will do something else stupid with his car. maybe not this year, but he will not change, leaving Nascar no other option.

        Easy to talk tough under a fake ID isn't it JGP. why are you so afraid to say these things as yourself. we all know it's you.


      • You read alot of fantastic 4 comics don't you? Nuff said? What are you 12? Too bad there is no way to make chumps like you put money where your mouth is when Edwards is gone in 5 years and you've changed your name to Jimmy's Jizzgobblers or something similar. My name will still be the same and I'll still be on here talking about Brad K's wins.

      • Kes has more wins in the last year than Carl with both series combined. Oh yeah did you not hear the press conference they signed a full time sponsorship. So who is the one who looks foolish. Brad 4 wins Carl 2. and every week Kes extends his lead on Carl in NNS. Carl drives for Roush which has been a power house on the track, Put kyle in the those cars I bet he finds a way to win in them. Whats Carls Excuse? Kes drives for a 3 car team that is the only Dodge team on the track.



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