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    Carl going to fall out?

    I would love to see it on one hand. I also would love to see him make it. It adds a new pressure to his situation. He will get frustrated and once again do something stupid. I really think Carl Edwards will be the 1st Cup suspension that is handed out for something other than drugs. He is a ticking time bomb and he will detonate soon enough. It could very well be this weekend.

    After reading the story of Kes's mom remembering when Carl was starting out walking around asking others if he could drive their truck. I wonder if this is not a vengeance thing with Kes. They told him when he asked if he could drive they had 2 sons. Maybe he is just mad because they told him no, so he is now set on hurting Brad. one more stupid move by Carl and NASCAR will have no choice but to do what should have been done long ago. park Carl for a bit so he remembers why it is he drives.


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    • I'm sorry I didn't realize this was a racing thread. I thought Carl had finally fallen out of the closet.

    • very possible i think anything right now could make him snap.hes done it a few times this year already.they are both good drivers.
      i have edwards in this week too but i dont think ill run him cause i also have biffle in.

    • Very good chance he will "Drive" himself off to Mayfield.......

      I think Kes was pokin Carls' Lady and it is Kes' kid........now that would be a reason to "kill kes"

    • Motor you know deep down inside that Carl is far more a premiere driver then Brad will EVER or NEVER be. Carl will get the last laugh in this situation and I guarantee it. In the end Brad will look like the fool, and be completely exposed for what he truly is, the antagonistic little spoiled brat momma's boy. Everyone will realize they were wearing blinders to the whole situation and they will all come out cheering Carl. You know it is going to happen so why post this dribble? Carl is going to make all his haters and all Brad's followers put their foots in their mouths about him, and make them seriously question Brad and his true character and abilities. To Be Continued.....

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      • Oh I have no Doubts that Carl is a great driver. I also know that Kes is extremely talented. He actually will win a championship as a regular NNS driver. In his 3rd full year, while learning to control the power of a cup car. Carls issues are not with talent at all. they are anger management issues. You can say what you will about what you think I'm thinking but really you know I will speak the truth about a driver. How many times before you jumped off the Kyle wagon did I tell you kyle had talent but was an arrogant idiot. Carl is far bigger an idiot.

        Hey I got an Idea You can have concrete nation and I will create Shrub club. LoL. I could sell the idea to subway next year when they dump him. The could pick up kyle and make a sandwich on his honor. The Shrub Club made with both Duck and Chicken. His sponsor and his attitude. LMAO!!


    • I am going to disagree with you on this one (whoa what a suprise-LOL). If you look at the 4 remaining races MI, Atl, Bristol have traditionally been good Carl tracks, plus he was in the the top five at Richmond in the spring.

      Carl's behavior has been strange at times and certainly has shown some anger management issue. However, RFR seems to have made improvement the past few weeks, enough to get him in the chase. I look for the 3 Roush drivers to make it in the chase.

      That only leaves the transfer spot of 12th to be decided. Neither Martin or Boyer wowed anybody on the 4 remaining tracks in the spring. However, Boyer seems to be a team on the rise, while the 5 team seems to have been infected by being parked so close to Jr's cars. We may have seen the best of MM this season, I look for Boyer to claim the last position.

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      • I would say that after Michigan that this race is definately down to Martin and Boyer. Martin really seems to be overdriving to make things happen, this is very uncharateristic of Mark. I would image that the stress of the situation with Kahne really got this team out of whack. They are better than there performance is showing. They have to consolidate their defication (get their sh*t together) pronto.

      • WoW!!!! you disagree with me? who would have think it on this topic?

        Roush I wish I could disagree with you, I really do. That is why I have Carl in my line up this week. LoL. I'm not sure If I'm going to use him yet but he is there. I just needed a good Nascar topic and you know me Carl is top of my list now. He leaped way past Kyle. LoL. I'm just glad it wasn't Carl who won the 1st cup race for Jack. I wish it was Matt though. Maybe Jack should stay away from the track more often. That seems to be the thing that got them going forward. LoL.


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