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    That's what I thought - Dale Sr. take


    I show a little good will, by doing a legit take on Dale Sr. and some chicken, "mojo is good, and I don't know how to handle his game" loser, gets the take deleted.....evidently, they don't dispute my take and agree....or they would have responded with thier take on the all time most overated driver in Nascar history!!!!........ one Dale Sr.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Dale Sr did spin a lot of drivers in his time, the most notable spin being Terry Labonte for the win on the last lap (Bristol?)
      He also took out Rusty more than once. These moves may not be tolerated by Nascar today, but "back in the day" the bump and spin moves were deemed "just hard racing".

      Some of Sr's moves seemed a bit flagrant, but this is what added to the ever-growing allure of Nascar at the time. To me we need more of this today. When was the last time we seen helmet throwing after a wreck? Not for awhile.

    • you just dont know when to quit,do ya jomo?

    • Well.............. you get NO change back......

      I have to agree completely with this cause well .............. I'm just like that too.

      And I think you should invite 13 people cause maybe..........just maybe ......... I could be the 13th one and maybe it could be a fri and we could have "Finger Foods".......... But then again I would be the 1st one to be beat with a stick and burn at the stake.........

      Oh no...........

    • The videos we pass links to and pics are what made this place a fun place. You will never here me say only nascar posts. It is in our hands to post nascar posts and many of us have just quit. This board is turning into a house with people with a race on talking about everything else with little talk about a season. Before we know it, it is over. 3 races to the chase and few almost no posts about the race, practice or even anything to do with racing.

      I wish my intuition was wrong more, Maybe I wish I listened to it sooner. I saw this coming, ask Dawg! the letter means nothing to me. I'm not even mad about it. You know I was well prepared for the occasion. It bothers me that he was beat so badly and he knew it, so he set out to try to take me out.

      I will say in his defense some one has done a number on him already. I fully planned on wasting this morning reporting him, but as I looked through his posts I kept getting blanks. So is he the one? The way it looked as I looked through his history some one targeted both of us, and others need to check their mail on their accounts.


    • I'll add to that a bit if I may....If I were to invite 12 people to my house to watch the Daytona 500...wouldn't be a given that we would all sit around talking about the race and a whole bunch of other things as well....

      The Nascar chat is fine..but when you get together with friends..."imaginary internet friends" or your best friends you tend to talk about all manner of things from politics to banging yer ho....

      If we were to talk only Racing...as this is a fantasy racing board and not a Nascar board this place would be even worse...we can at least lighten it up by discussing off topic material as it is also the ONLY racing board...

      it's just the way it is

      ive been known to get onto people as well, but most of the time it's when some schmuck comes out swinging, as most of you may realize by now..I don't ever really talk much nascar out here...but I still enjoy the company...and I play weekly!

      so there is my 2 cents worth

    • I am a pretty good judge of character, I see I pegged you pretty well. The fighting will never stops on here. That is because there is no way to stop every idiot with a computer from stirring the pot. I pick and choose who I smack and try to do it with humor. Well maybe not humorist to the one that get the smack, but everyone else sees it as funny. As you can tell I try my best to read between the line to find the soul of the poster.

      I will admit I like a good debate also. It is just hard to find a person who doesn't take offense if your view is different. it always turns to name calling. I'll admit I throw a few names out myself. I wait till they start them and then return the favor. sometime i just ask them are you stupid. that one usually gives me the answer by their response. I'm a avid Ford hater, Yet one of the guys I respect the most is the biggest Roush fans I know. I love to debate with him when I get a chance. He is respectful and knows his stuff. The problem with him is we can hardly argue. we think too much alike.

      I can say I took a shot or 2 at you in the past, I can also say when no one else would give you the time of day with out an insult, I heard what you were saying before you even wrote it. I'm glad you made the turn, and even after I said it you went back to trolling again. I also understand that. Being my friend on here or someone I am nice too can cause you grief. So you had to separate yourself and see If I would change my view. I did not nor did I come after you for it. I left it be, and waited to find the words in lines not written.

      I hope you do continue to show up, even if others may not. Soon they will see there is more to your words than they appear. I have brought others from no one to a reg and once I get this place back on track, you will want to be a part of it. Even if you say you don't. You obviously like to talk Nascar or you would not be here.

      I can't say I won't respond to stupidity If they call to me. I will come back with the words to turn this place around. I feel that a lot is my own fault, because I am someone people follow and I have obviously lead a few astray from the place it once was. Well being away from my computer and here let me see this place in a whole new light. I didn't like what I saw. We have a lot of great people on here, it is time for a few of us(not just me) to lead this board back in the right direction. I feel it is time for the funny stuff. Along with the NASCAR chat and if I have to bloviate this board full of Nascar posts then I will. I'll say anything about any driver this weekend. I may not even agree with what I write just to get a topic discussed, to get points of view.


    • Look at my history. See what I have done, Posted a bout Kahne, Gordon, Newman. Bitched about everyone losing their way and letting every know exactly where I stand. I am for the 1st time considering that maybe my time has run it's course. I will single handedly bring this board back of I have too. If I can't then maybe I'll make every troll happy and leave. I looked around and saw you posted about Conway. it was a nascar post but no one cares about him. I'm going over things to see what topics would get chat going. yes our little troll can and will make a new account. He wants to target me, well I make a point to always multi task. I can smack the trolls and talk NASCAR. you don't see many days where I don't post a thread or 2 about the sport. It seems when I stop the board does too. This is not my board and I shouldn't have to keep it moving in the right direction. Everyone out here is to blame for this mess. you, me, Razor, Sunday, Dale and all the regs. You say it is a waste of time. I say as long as he posts like he does he will get the same responses from the regs. He will get tired of being deleted and change or he gone again and again. I'm not doing anything but letting him know His time is up. He could change and things would be fine, he wont so then the only thing to do is see to it no one has to ignore him. New accounts are very easy to lose. so once this one is gone the game get really easy. He can wise up now or be just another troll I removed from this board who didn't listen. How many have there been? how many times have I had to clean this place up.

      You lecture me on what I have done for years. You will see all kinds of nascar post from me. Look at my History I am always quit to put a thoughtful response to any nascar post on here. You say he has game I say you are right, he set out to destroy this board. He is doing it. He changed the game by starting the reporting. Now he played into my hand. He does not know what I know about this board and soon he will learn that we control it. I will get this place in order and Yes it could create waves of controversy. some how I think everyone will enjoy the drama. I put his target on my back. he can spend all his time trying to figure out why He can't seem to delete many of my posts. while he is wasting time doing that you and others will be safe. while he is moving closer to the point Yahoo gets sick of seeing his name and reading his nonsense. It's in his hands, by his late night posts I can see he has made his choice to be the same idiot who started a game he doesn't have the skill to play.


    • LoL. Deleted. Good luck! You live in a dream world and started a game that will not end in your liking. 3 yrs on this board and far better than you have tried to take me out. you would be wise to just fade off. Because you will lose this game among other things. Did you really think you knew what you were doing?

      I left you play but when you started the reporting game, you lost your rights under the freedom of speech act. What were you thinking? do know how hard it is to lose an account? obviously you don't but when yours is gone for blatant violations, you'll learn that you shouldm't start things you have no way to be able to finish. Strength in numbers is the key. We are many and you are 1 just like the amount of brain cells you have for starting this game.


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      • Too much drama for now....

        I'd be willing to bet my account thet it wasn't jerkin who reported you MoToR - and NO, I don't have a clue who did, I swear on my life - but it jest doesn't seem like jerkin's style - he may be a troll, but he has a sense of game - and, like I said, the whole "lipstick trio" would have gotten it if it was jerkin....no, it was jest some jerk-off opportunist.

        Let's forget it and have some fun, it's not like any accounts were lost, and it's not like each and every one of us hasn't gotten THE LETTER at least once.

        Okay, now: NOBODY REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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