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  • OOZING OOZING Aug 14, 2010 7:55 AM Flag

    That's what I thought - Dale Sr. take


    I will add one more thing b4 i go.the first time i came here the first thing i noticed was someone jumping on every post and critcizing.Not disagreeing but just being an ass.It was a reg which shall remain nameless.along with alot of fluff non-nascar posts.I decided not to come back.Eventually i did and sure enough the same thing going on which is where my no life posts began-had no intentions of staying around.So what i am saying here is that this is not new.It has been going on since the first time i saw the board.I have seen many posts from other folks who come in and say they see nothing has changed here and u never see them again.I dont mind non nascar threads as long as its a discussion and not a grade school yelling match.And it is possible to disagree without being critical.Now i will do as joanie suggest.I will not respond to stupidity or critical crap.Nor post it.As of now I'm done with the whole situation.including discussing it any further.

    This topic is deleted.

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