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  • MoToR® MoToR® Aug 14, 2010 5:23 PM Flag

    That's what I thought - Dale Sr. take

    read this well. it is the last time I even recognize you. You have said nothing that would make anyone believe you are anything more than a child. If you are foolish enough to continue violating the TOS, than who ever it is that has grown tired of your stupidity will have all they need to make your account go nite nite!! as you like to say. I see why you started your quest to try to take me out. well know this, you don't stand one chance and if you haven't figured that out you are even more stupid then your ego rants. As you can see I have filled the board with post from nascar and related topics. yet you keep talking about the game you supposedly have. yet i have been through your history and why are you are disappearing from the board. because you fail to do what you claim top be so good at, but never once shown any thing other then a brag. You have to brag on yourself because no one else cares. So go on your rants and who ever it is that wants to see you gone will win. you say your not going anywhere because you have done nothing. LoL. Are you really that stupid? You are a troll and nothing more. Keep up the good work, as you said you have to do something to lose an account. Look at your history and try to open some up. you are under the worst siege I've seen on this board. At the pace you're on you could be saying Nite nite for the last time. Who ever started the game should not have done it. Now that i see what has happened I'll forget you set out a attack on me this week. Now you go where all the rest of the idiots go. on ignore!!!! See ya putz enjoy your last few days on the board, because after today you probably clinched the deal for who ever is doing it. see you with your new profile next week but you should know if you start off new like you are now they go so much faster than one that has been around. L8r putz



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