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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Aug 14, 2010 6:41 AM Flag

    That's what I thought - Dale Sr. take

    It works like this, M - someone gets pissed off at you, so they "report" you to Yahoo!, which entails filling out a little form.

    Yahoo! is all automated, so no living person looks at it, you jest get an automated letter sent to your email informing you thet you have been reported for violating the TOS (terms of service), and you could lose your account. For instance, if I had jest now said, "some pussy gets pissed off at you", someone could get upset with my saying "pussy", and report it, and it would be a violation of the TOS, and I would get a warning letter....so, I'm glad I didn't say thet....

    If you say something really bad, like something racist, and enough people report you - you DO get your whole account deleted, along with all your past history, past teams, and past trophies - on THET account - so, the moral is, if you're gonna piss someone off, do it from an expendable account....never an account you play from.

    Some people here do know the trick of actually getting another person's account deleted....I think it may have to do with the number of complaints, but I don't know....

    Which is why no one here who has been around for awhile posts from an account they care about, in case it gets deleted.

    Reporting sucks, it is considered the lowest form of loser-dom out here. Especially since it is done anonymously. MoToR has pissed a lot of peeps off, and has lost more accounts than I've ever had; I think he has about 5 active ones, none of which he plays from, so he cain jest piss anyone off he pleases, lose an account, and go on.

    But, people who don't know about the reporting thing and post from their player's account cain lose it all....


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