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  • Mr. Ed™ Mr. Ed™ Aug 14, 2010 1:58 AM Flag

    You can call him Mojo Workin

    or TOMMY T.

    Tommy T. You better not be reporting people, you know better.

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    • you can say someone has been taken him out already. I was passing through his posts and noticed many are missing. Such a shame someone else already started doing the bidding. I would have liked to claim the cleansing of this board.

      Yahoo would be smart to finish him off. Such a tool to start a game that really no one wins. Why would someone who can't figure out how to talk like a person start the reporting game. He has dirtied the board up enough and obviously someone else wants him gone too.

      You can call him whatever, but it don't hide the fact Yahoo will call him gone. He should have kept his grade school games to himself. Low class, no game, always posting about Gay's he had no style and made it easy for who ever else is taking him out.


    • Good Morning, Mr. Ed!

      jerkin and tommytoolittle are old and boring news now, let's discuss something interesting....like:

      What may I call You? or is it, When may I call You? or is it, What may I call You when I call You?....er.....sorry, You know how sometimes I get a little....ummmmmm....You know.....confused & dreamy.....when I think about calling you....something.... sometime....and all.....


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