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  • Jake™ Jake™ Aug 12, 2010 11:39 PM Flag

    How many fords are YOU rolling out this weekend?

    You think Jack thinks about it? He boots JMac, now Jamie's out on the town acting like the breakup didn't faze him, pulling down big wins, making EGR look like they know what they're doing...

    ...Jacks left with Biff and Kenseth under performing, and has Ragan even shown up to race? Or, does he just like driving in circles burning up fuel and tires? And, Edwards has to wreck people to win... ...in NNS, not even in cup. I know Jack's probably got something up his sleeve to make sure this slump doesn't last, and the book isn't closed by far, maybe Jamie wouldn't be driving the way he is if he was still at RFR... ...but still, do you think he thinks about it?

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    • i got scared and switched the #6 to the #88 at the last minute last night.i think that was dumb,huh?

    • I am going to have to throw a yellow flag on this one. Firstly Jack did not want to get rid of JMac, that was NASCAR in their infinite wisdom that figured by Roush getting rid of a driver was going to improve Nascar. Frankly that is one of the most stupid things they have done. I understand that he would not be able to replace a 5th drivers, but there was no benefit to that decision.

      I don't think that many folks would have kept JMac over Carl, Matt or Biff, so we are only talking JMac vs Ragan. Now I think that many would have picked JMac, but it is not that easy. Dewalt drops out at the last minute on Kenseth and UPS wants to keep David Ragan, because they have invested a year of commercials on him. You and I concentrate on performance on the track, but that is less important to a sponsors, Michael Waltrip is a perfect example of that point.

      So if you were in Jack's position:

      1. You can let Ragan go, but that would also terminate UPS, since they refused to switch drivers. So cutting him doesn't do you much good.
      2. You can cut Kenseth, since he is loosing the sponsor, but he has been one of your best drivers.
      3. Finally, you can move a willing sponsor Crown Royal to Kenseth and regretfully have to part ways with JMac.

      RFR overall has not done as well as they had hoped, but they still have 3 drivers in the chase and JMac is 15th. This actually brings up an interesting question. Jamie has won 2 big races Indy and Daytona.


      Win Daytona and Indy or make the chase?
      Who is having the better season, Kenseth in 10th or JMac with 2 wins but 15th in points?

    • After reading my post again,i said the same thing twice...LoL..I think I`m thinking too much,ya think!!

      By no means Benny am i saying he would`nt be good for someone else...In fact, I`ve taken your advise quit often this year ,3 out of 4 ain`t bad.And who says we dont talk Nascar ?

    • i have 1 in A....1 in B and 2 in C

      it shouldnt be too hard to figure out who they are....lol

    • Its going to get interesting in the next 4 races to see the drivers that have it or not.With Kenseth in 10th he better start going or he`ll get past.So i`m thinking with that in mind it should be interesting to see how other will do to get into the chase.

    • I bet Jack is purty eaten up. I wonder if David Ragan wishes it was him Jack had let go?

      I'm rolling out two, Edwards and Kahne....so, only one Roush. I chose to put Jamie Mac on over Kenseth - better for qualifying, and may be danged determined to get into the chase if possible.

      I've come to like Matt over the years, and Michigan is a very good track for him, as I recall - and, he's NOT on my roster this time.

    • i have 16,99,17,9,6,1,98,77.feelin pretty good bout the fords this week.

    • Jake, good post. If I had any "mas" I would roll with all Fords at MIS. A good Ford lineup would look like this:

      Edwards or Biffle
      Kenseth & Kahne
      A.J., Menard or Kvapil(sleeper)

      All Fords have the FR9 for this race, and Jack will be back at the House of Roush, rising from his hospital bed.


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