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  • KillerToad KillerToad Aug 4, 2010 5:21 PM Flag

    Sadler is 1 lucky man

    I heard on sirius radio today that the crash that Sadler took at Pocono caused the most G forces on the driver in recorded history. Nascar called him yesterday and asked him to come in for more testing because they want to make sure there wasn't some brain or nervous system damage that may not show up immediately. Pretty scary stuff man. Just shows you how safe these new cars are, 15 years ago and he would have been dead instantly.

    The previous record for most vicious crash ever recorded was 80 Gs by Kyle Petty in 2003 at Bristol. Just think about that. 80 G forces... the astronauts and fighter pilots pass out when they surpass 10 Gs. 20+ Gs is considered the "lethal" range. They haven't released the number recorded on Sadler's black box but it was higher than 80 Gs... that's just insane.

    In jet pilot testing, 35 Gs causes fillings to be ripped out of your teeth, the record for any test pilot ever recorded and survived is 45 Gs.

    This is double that. Makes you realize how crazy dangerous this sport really is.

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