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  • richard richard Aug 7, 2010 7:32 PM Flag


    june bug is qual 40 at the glen,
    he is tired after beating shaq this week.
    watch him go to the front race time.

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    • Yes but will he stay there?

      I don't hate Jr but, "The Best" LMMFAO. At what, missing the chase in Hendricks equipment. We all have our drivers, but you will never hear me say Kahne is the best. I won't say it about Kes either, but I will say many underestimate his talent. Yet I route for them, not because they are the most popular or they were someones son or even the best driver. I have my reasons and that is it. To me it is funny as hell when they say Jr is the Best. He is average at best and if you like him great. Don't think he is something he is not though. Right now Jimmie is the Best in business and I hate him for it.



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