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  • So fine them. That is Nascar's stance on drivers talking negative about NASCAR. Seems to me that they are getting too big for their own britches. If they can't take the criticism then they should just step down or make legitimate calls. Dummy Hamlin and Ryan Newman were both hit with heavy fines. Both of which I'm not the biggest fan of. Ryan admitted his was over $50,000. Lets see if I get this right. $25,000 for intentionally spinning a guy leaving him on the front stretch to risk his life, take out millions of dollars of cars, but say something bad about us twice that. LoL. The owners meeting should have been about voting out present leadership. Boss Hog and boys are not helping themselves in any way by handing out stupid fines when real detrimental things to racing get slaps on the wrist. If the owners want to make improvements in the sport they should change leadership. If they think it is the words of drivers that is hurting the sport they have no clue. The commissar is the problem, worry about the actions on track more then the words.

    This story may not get a lot of attention, but I think it opens a big window to the leaders of this sport. They delegitimize the sport when they fine more for their feeling being hurt then risking injury to a driver. They need to get their priorities straight. ƒ' your feelings NasZar, losing one life on the track because of a intentional action will hurt this sport more then anything anyone says.

    That is my rant for today. I love this sport but the leadership is out of control in my eyes. Imagine the interest brought to this sport if they suspended Carl for actions detrimental to the sport. That would have been a statement. Instead they just try to squelch the opposition. I really hope Carl wrecks someone else and forces them to show how big of bunch of pansies leadership really is. Sorry NasZar you can't fine me. The truth hurts though, and it will always get out.


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