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    NasZar quickly becoming a Joke

    For what reason they decided to put brad on probation is beside me. What about Johnson? he knocked his own teammate off track. a far worse thing then brad did. If brad is on probation then so should anyone else who has touched another car? once again all they did is put another coat of Gray on the rules canvass.

    You think someone running he show would have a brain in their head. Once again they proved that it is all a matter of money. $25,000 don't even begin to cover the damage Carl cost. I'm surprised they didn't dock Keselowski to give Busch a chance to get back in. Carl touches one car in NNS he should be removed from competition. We know that will never happen though. God Forbid they have the Balls to make a real step in getting drivers under control. Jeremy Mayfield is gone indefinitely for taking drugs is no different than a hot head using a car for a weapon. Actually it is, I would rather be on the track with Jeremy at least he isn't purposely trying to hurt someone.


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