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  • WRN WRN Jul 20, 2010 9:08 AM Flag

    Commissar of Nascar

    There has been lots of talk of suspend Carl or let them race depending on whether you are a fan of Carl or Kez. Let me give you a situation that really happened without names and you tell me if you were the Commissar of Nascar what you would do.

    Situation #1

    Two drivers have been going back and forth for several laps virtually side by side with neither able to get an advantage. With about 25 laps to go the driver on the inside runs it hard into the turn and slides up into the other car making contact. The driver on the outside looses control of the car and hits the right side of his car on the wall has to come into the pits to fix his car. His car is no longer competitive. The driver on the inside did not intend to take out the other car, but did none the less. So Commissar is this a penalty or just racing?

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    • his stunt took out about 10 other cars and Cousin Carl ROFL'g about it (uncalled for).

    • Amen!

    • I had no idea that we were arguing...we all have our viewpoint..but i didn't actually watch the race...I saw all the replays..I could not tell you anything about what happened before the last 2 laps...I just think it should be chalked up to a racing incident....

      don't forget...Dale Sr. was killed by block..or would you consider Sterling trying to bump and run.....it happens on all levels..especially when a driver is trying to block other drivers..and this was blatant blocking!!

      point is..I see it from both sides, and no one seems to wanna consider the other side due to "feelings"....


    • are arguing with Roush saying I'm right and he's wrong? I'm so confused here. HEE HAW!!!

    • I just think we are all beating a dead horse...we all agree and disagree at the same time

    • However your ego is nowhere near the height of Carl's. He wouldn't have pulled that with Harvick, but for some reason, he thinks he's allowed to puck Kes.

    • Dalesillegitimateson® Dalesillegitimateson® Jul 22, 2010 11:52 AM Flag

      well..in football you can get fined for a dirty hit on another player..but you can't get fined for hitting a player too hard..I'm sure NASCAR reviewed all the tape and came to their decision based on that....but I am also pretty sure they don't care which fans thought it was dirty or not. It seemed unnecessary to me that carl spun him...after all, alot of drivers could live with a second place finish.

      But like I said...it's really their dream...we get the privilege of sitting back and watching....and that is kind of where our (fans) interests end....

    • LMAO, as long as it is wrong when Dale did it and I think you already said so in an earlier thread than it is wrong for all. It is the action not the individual that I was concentrating one here.

      The Labonte incident is the only one that came to mind, I'm sure there were others. However, 99% of the time he was able to just touch that bumper enough to get you loose and then duck underneath. Carl had the same opportunity on Saturday as Dale, just not the talent.

      The point I'm going for here is you can't create a rule on the intent of the driver, because that is subjective. Did Kes intend to hit Carl in turn 2? I don't know, but he did. Did Carl intend to hit Kes? Well he confessed so that is a no brainer, but even if he didn't the fact is he did. It has to be quantifiable to establish a rule not subjective.

    • My supporters are like a jock strap. They support nuts and 1 big Dick! HEE HAW!!

    • Old school racing dictates a gentleman's agreement in that you never spin the leader, rough him up a bit yes, a bump and run? Sure, but you should never spin him.

      I know, I know! But Dale Sr.... (With a whine in their voice....)

      When Carl becomes half the driver Dale Sr was, come talk to me. Even Gordon, a HMS career driver and a four time champ says the Jack-ass is in the wrong... The list of Carl supporters is growing shorter by the day!

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