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    Harvicks Take on Carl vs Kes

    Kevin Harvick was a guest Sunday night on the "Wind Tunnel" program on Speed. He was asked by host Dave Despain about the incident at the end of Saturday night's Nationwide Series race in which Carl Edwards wrecked Brad Keselowski for the win.

    "I know you’re going for a win and everything is fine but hooking someone in the right-rear down the straightaway – I probably wouldn’t have reacted as kindly as Brad did," said Harvick, who has had his own run-ins with Edwards in the past. "I probably would have walked down there and punched him in the mouth. I just think that’s way, way out of bounds as far as hooking somebody in the middle of the straightaway."

    Despain then asked Harvick whether it was time for NASCAR to intervene.

    "I like the idea of letting us handle it to a certain extent," Harvick said. "But last night was kind of like Atlanta all over again. You put a lot of people in a really bad position when you have stuff happening like that. I like to race as rough as anybody but there’s still a line when somebody has to rein somebody in and unfortunately, you hope that it doesn’t get to the point where you wind up hurting somebody or you end up killing somebody and hopefully it doesn’t take that long for NASCAR’s reaction to come, to just get everything under control. There has to be a boundary drawn at some point before everything gets to that point."

    So where is this magical point? How would you define the rule for Nascar?

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    • What a TOOL!!!! What a cheap ass win!!! To turn into him like he did was weak. Rubbin side by side is racin, but that was cheap. He's going to kill somebody!!!!! If NASCAR does not do something I'm almost out!! And I'm starting to think F-1 has there shit together!

    • shut up harvick you aient no different. kevin would have done same, in fact he has. they all have!!!!

    • How do you rule the wreck of Terry Labonte by Dale Sr at Bristol under such a system. He intentionally took out Labonte?

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      • unlike you roush, my knowledge is limited. I bow down to you, but I see where your going. I understand what your getting at. The fans would riot if they took a win from Earnhardt. I would give you a better answer but your knowledge and or memory has exceeded my limits. LoL. I think we both see things the same. Neither of us wants to see this sport lose another life. A lot must be said for Nascar and the safety. since earnhardt death I can only think of one serious injury. That would be steve park. I think every time a driver test the equipment like carl does, sooner or later they will find the chink in the armor. I hope I miss that race.

        To tell you the truth the 1st race I really sat beginning to end on was Daytona 2001, Dodges 1st race back. I hope to never have to have another night like that. I think France and co, just have too much confidence in those cars. We all know what happens when you get over confident.

        This has been a good thread Roush, if I haven't said so. I wish others would chime in on it. If it is just me and you we can still make a great thread but some help from others could make it a awesome thread.


    • Absolutely Dale, but I kind of think this is precisely what they wanted to bring up ratings. Naturally, you have seen that this is a very slippery slope and could be fatal if not brought to an end.

    • Jeff Gordon would disagree with you that Kenseth doesn't take people out on occasion. LOL

    • Damn it man you are making me have to think. LoL. I would say the only way to keep it from happening is making it invalid to do. take the win. if it is found that you purposely took some one out to win, you don't win. so say Carl was guilty of intentionally wrecking kes, Reed wins carl gets a Disqualified, do not pass go, do not collect winnings.
      The problem all comes down when they have to enforce it. Just knowing that they could lose a race points and money if they cross a line will calm them down, but sooner or later Carl will make them have to enforce a rule like that. LoL.

      Aren't you glad Roush has Kenseth? He would never be a topic like his counter part Crazy Carl.


    • if they penalize him points and give him the win..then they could not call it incidental contact..IMO...foul or not you gotta let em play thru it

      Nascar needs to bring down the hammer..but not on just Carl..but all the drivers..they all fall under the same code

    • So if one is ok and the other a foul, how do you score it? Would you freeze the field and give the win to the second place driver or does the win stand and then penalize him points?

    • I just rewatched it again and actually he said it was incidental contact, I'm going to stick with bump and run just for the benefit of Carl. The part that gets me is Carl regained the lead on the outside and kes made the move on the inside of 3- 4 to make the pass cleanly. So the bump had little to do with anything at the other end.


    • They have all the telemetry all the video and every way to investigate every incident if they wanted too. The problems lie in the fact one track is not like another. They can still tell whether it was on purpose or not. acceleration, steering, braking are all accessible to them. They don't lie.

      What he did here is not the same as other tracks because of the fact it is a track closed by walls. I'm no expert on this track but I don't remember safer barries either. If he could have spun off track it would just be a cheap shot. When you leave him stuck on the track with everyone coming to the checkers is quiet another. Nascar needs to recognize the risk he puts them in when he doesn't use his head (or tactfully uses it). The "I didn't know" theory doesn't float with me. He knows those cars and what they will do. If he didn't he wouldn't be in one. Kes should have just went over and in the middle of his back flip grabbed his feet so he landed on his face.

      Kyle may be a beady eyed weasel but Carl is trully a jack ass!! I would say that if he was in a Dodge Roush, so please don't think this is a Ford thing, or me trying to pick a fight with you. Thank you for posting this. It proves I was right yesterday when I said soon he will be called out by others. Crazy Carl is not helping himself or his future in the sport.



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