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  • WRN WRN Jul 19, 2010 3:23 PM Flag

    Harvicks Take on Carl vs Kes

    Let's get beyond Carl or Kes in and of themselves. When is it ok to him someone and when is it not? Or is is ever ok?

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    • well technically it should never be allowed. The bump and run has been used since the beginning or racing though. incidental contact is inevitable also. Rubbing side by side down the straight away is just good racing. If you get someone loose and pass them it is a stolen victory of sorts, but a victory none the less. In most cases this is the preferred method used to take a win from someone. Rusty and Jeff played that tune quiet a few times. Is it fair no but it is allowed and I wouldn't change that. Contact in any race is a violation. Can you see the olympics saying it was just hard racing if a competitor grabbed another and pulled him down to win the race. Even just rubbing up on them to break their stride. Rubbin' is racing though, and I wouldn't want to see the bump and run gone. Grand father it in but if you are the reason for someone losing control of their car and there is something that could have been done to prevent it and you did not do it. Parking time. That is still gray though.

      When you start on one side of the car and end up on the other side passing as they spin, because you didn't have the speed or momentum make the pass in time. That is just plain wrong. That is why it's called the bump and run. not the spin to win. Now you have to call in the video replay for some, like Dega. There the video shows and Carl admitted he tried to block Kes. kes had momentum and line. Carl came down and turned himself on Kes's nose. Now Could Saturday be conceived as it was in Dega. I guess it might have seemed that way if Carl hadn't said "I couldn't let him take the win." Read between the lines, "I had to take him out because once again he beat me"

      it is a hard one to call but if NASCAR just sits on the fence and waits for him to hurt or kill someone they hurt them selves. How many races are won in that fashion? I can tell you that as long as they allow it, which they have no choice but too, it will be the way a lot of races will end. I know everyone says them self before they do it, would they do it to me. Well in Crazy Carls case, everyone will say he would do it to me. So if he can ever figure out how to get his cup car to the front for a win, anyone behind him is suspect to spin him out of the way. Because Nascar is willing to call it hard racing, with out ever analyzing the info. It is just like saying anything goes guys. So as long as you are on the same lap go for it. If your down laps you will only get 3 race probation. That is the precedence they have set

      Didn't mean to go back to Carl and Kes but Carl is the reason for this season of what is too much.



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