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  • MoToR® MoToR® May 18, 2010 9:25 PM Flag

    We'll know for the 1st time

    If we're Evil or Divine

    We're the last in line

    \m/ RIP Dio \m/

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    • Ozzy is Ozzy, and like Dio, no one will ever be Ozzy. The difference between the 2 is Dio had a range of vocals and styles. Ozzy was just an animal and I love the things he did with them and lots he did after. My wife likes Ozzy and I couldn't understand why she didn't like Dio. I knew with time I would win.

      Did you here the tracks I posted earlier. Those were done a year before he got back with sabbath. I would love to see bands or artist today do something like that. Such drastic styles and to pull them off as if it was the only kind of music he wrote. I think when it came down to it, it was the energy that came from me when listening to Dio she didn't like. It's kind of like when you go to the race you feel so amped up when you leave you just want to get to the highway and let her rip. When all the people are crawling along and you just want to go. (beating on the steering wheel) I guess another way of putting it is Dio Is my Tequila, the more I take in the worse I get. LoL.


    • Ozzie will always be the lead singer of Black Sabbath to me. Did your wife he was evil as well or just Ronnie Dio? It is kind of like David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar with Van Halen. Folks usually like one or the other as the lead.

      PS: I knew who he was, just messin with ya. Their sound changed dramatically with him on lead, so it wasn't the Black Sabbath I was use to hearing.

    • you n me both jr

    • He was the rainbow in the dark.

      \m/ MoToR \m/

    • So who is Dio?

    • ok try this one out for style then.



    • Nice Post. RIP Dio and may the Rock Gods be with you for eternity.

    • here you go motor.....heres one of my favs its sabbath/dio

      hope everybody enjoys


    • It sounds like you miss him big time MoToR. Thanks for the vids and flashbacks. A powerful voice.

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      • You have to understand my first musical choices. As a preteen with a paper route and starting my own collection of music. A record store with in walking distance of my house. I spent a lot of money on music as a kid. I was at the store when they opened to get my cassette. I needed tapes because I was a hip kid with a walkman. LoL.

        Of all my music, My wife despised Dio. She swore he was Evil. 20 years it took to open her eyes that he wasn't a devil worshiper. His twist on words and sound made it a hard sell. It was a album he did in 91 The Elf Albums that broke her. She swore he just would scream, till I proved he didn't just scream he was just a powerful vocalist. Then she said he was a one trick pony only being able to create that sound. I stumbled across the Elf album 2 years ago, She finally lets me listen to Dio around her. LoL. He was amazing in concert, who would have thought a guy barely over 4' if at all could create a sound that loud. I remember looking at my buddy going who's the dwarf and where is Dio. he just laughed at me till I figured it out.

        I see all the trending of dumb stuff and not once did I see a trend on him. Knowing that there is no more tales of darkness against light sung with true power and passion is sad. He was an entertainer and an artist. He was no different then Stephen King or the pulp fiction nut job who's name I'm sure most know but I just find his stuff mostly disturbing. He painted a story with music about the battle here on this earth between Goodness and Evil. Night against day and even the knight against the dragon. He did it with strong vocals and loud bass with screaming guitars, not with a soft vocals and harps. So be it, I like it loud and damn all those who thought he was anything more then a great artist.

        Needless to say of all of the music I have followed not since Randy Rhodes have I lost someone that touched me or should I say I got. I need to watch Tenacious D pick of destiny tomorrow his part in that is classic.

        If it wasn't for Dio what would we do at concerts? He was the creator of the devil horns, \m/ \m/, or so they are called. So in tribute to Dio you will see me bring them up from time to time. They will be like dales Rock on.



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