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  • Mr Sunday ☼ Mr Sunday ☼ May 8, 2010 2:31 AM Flag

    I am a Bad American because...

    Cry me a river please,it` people like you that is weakening this country and it`s becoming a disease.You and your Nancy boy thinking,i`m getting sick of all this PC bullsh!t.Just what is Illegal to you?.. Crossing the boarder without any documents proving that you`re an American Citizen is legal !!! why do you think they call it Illegal.. "duh" Wake up Jesus freak,you might not have the time later when you have too fight for your rights to be an AMERICAN. Another one of those I need facts so i can make a rational decision as to why i should`nt allow this not too happen.

    I hope you`re liking all the change?

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    • YOU SAID IT MAN!!!

      nobody fucks with the Jesus!!

    • The United States didn’t have an office of immigration until 1891, when it was added to the Treasury Dept. Up to that point, everyone that crossed our borders had no papers and needed no papers. Were all the founding fathers here illegally? I’m sure the Indians thought so. Immigration law and all of the borders are arbitrary so just because it is now illegal doesn’t make it a crime. It’s just breaking a rule like double parking, drinking at age 17 ½, fishing more than your limit or riding in the back of a pick-up. I never said that crossing the borders without papers wasn’t illegal; I said that those that do weren’t necessarily criminals.
      I don’t have to fight for my rights to be an American, I am an American. It means my vote, my view, and my rights are just as valid as yours. At any rate, stop humpin’ your sister long enough to admit that political correctness is another way of following the “Golden Rule”. It’s just being polite to people so that they will be polite to you. Otherwise people will assume you’re an inbred cracker.

    • give um hell sunday.....lol