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  • A Yahoo! User May 6, 2010 7:49 PM Flag

    I am a Bad American because...

    "i must be a bad american too.yestarday kids were wearing red,white,and blue clothes and got SUSPENDED by a mexican teacher on senco demayo.im not racist or anything,but im UPSET that they were punished for being proud of there country.somthing needs to change BEFORE we ALL are punished for being AMERICANS.I MUST BE A BAD AMERICAN TOO CAUSE MY AMERICAN FLAG IS PROUDLY RAISED HIGH TODAY "

    I'll bite.

    The school district has apologized to the 4 kids for the way to school acted against them and said it wasn't handled the right way. The kids were told to either change their clothes or they'd be punished for being defiant, so instead they walked out.The media will probably label this as a fight against America in favor of other nationalities, but it really comes down to 4 kids wanting attention. This isn't the first time a group of friends did something for attention in the form of a shirt on school grounds.

    If this is talking about the school out in California, then there is a problem with what they did. Not that wearing American pride is a bad thing no matter what day it is, but the 4 students themselves obviously got together one weekend and decided they'd be Uncle Sam on Mexico's holiday or whatever it is. If you saw what they were wearing, I'm sure you'd agree that it certainly wasn't just putting on an Old Navy July 4th shirt and not thinking of what day it was, and I'd make the bet that some kid other than that group had on a shirt with the American flag imprinted somewhere. I highly doubt the one kid with the American flag shorts wore them regularly outside of American holidays. Nothing was stopping the kids from wearing red, white and blue the other 170+ school days, why bring out the Uncle Sam outfit on that one specific day.

    As for an apology to the offended families, thats definitely not needed and thats where the sensativity sets in way to much. This is more of an issue of school distraction than it is with USA vs. Mexico, and I think the school itself tried to explain that before being bombarded with news cameras.

    Its great to love America, and I certainly do, but I also don't want the flag to be used as an attention getter to get a rise out of people which those kids certainly tried to achieve.

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