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    Kes to Blue Deuce in 2011

    Starting 2011 Brad Keselowski will move to the Blue Deuce, while Kurt Busch moves to the 22 with Shell/Penzoil sponsorship. The addition of Shell means Exxon Mobile will be leaving Penske, making them search for sponsorship for Hornish.

    If Harvick stays at RCR he will need new sponsorship. Budweiser may be an option since Kahne is leaving RPM. Harvick has also been rumored to start his own team or move over to his buddy Tony Stewart's team.

    Also look for Mark Martin to move to SHR to make room for Kasey Kahne. Why would he do that? To accomodate his new buddy Rick Hendrick, who has all but promised Mark that he will give him a Tony Stewart like deal, when he retires in 2012. Look out Brian France, someone is wanting to take over your job.

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    • And I don't mean the Big tracks. I done give up my Indy seats for the May race and don't care if I ever go to another August race anymore. They keep gouging with the prices and it's gotten so it's not affordable anymore.

    • Anybody who was listening to the weather for the area around the track at Fort Worth could have easily predicted that the race wasn't going to run on Sunday. Instead we got Fox dragging out the race delay so that Fans would have to listen and watch the commercials. It reminded of when the time Katrina was coming towards Louisiana and the Weather Channel was saying how the storm was going to be terrible. Yet everyone just stayed there like it was a big party thing. We'll I'm glad I didn't stay. Same goes for Nascar, If it starts looking like it's controlled by the sponsors, then I'll go back to the speedway if I need any racing.

    • I'm sure that Subway,Miller Brewing,Mobile Oil,Shell or whoever else has Brian France in there pockets,we'll see how they want everything to go. It looks like they got the controls now Nascar officials don't now what's going on that's for sure.

    • RK.....you have some interesting points. And like DaGoat...I totally believe you! Harvick, Budwieser #29 right?

      Shell, would be the #22, Penske with Busch ...right?

      and #2, Bud Light.....Kes

      and the #77? Hornish he needs to worry!

      I do not see Hendrick dropping Martin for Kahne but I can see Martin going to SHR just because he's a good guy and that might buy him more than 2012 contract. That doesn't leave much room for my favorite driver to enter the Sprint Cup as a Hendrick driver......(Danica) ...does it! I'm cool with that!

      Am I with you on that? Wow......no, I don't see RCR signing Jr for the #3.

      Thanks Rasadamous or however you spell that!

    • Bud and Miller Lite under one roof? Get Coor's in there and he will have a monopoly on the beer market and have all the good parties. LMAO.


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      • Ah misread Harvick being the Bud Man? Yeah some how I just don't see that one happening. it will be interesting to see what Kevin does now. No sponsors and no contract for 11 he seems to be the one to watch as of late. I don't see him @ SHR because Kasey will probably be there. I really don't think Hendick is going to give the boot to Martin. So I see Bud going to SHR with Kahne, then maybe staying there with Tony taking it over. Then again could we see Martin go to the 88 and Jr going to SHR to assume the Bud sponsorship as Kahne comes to HMS?


    • Watch and see this is only the beginning signs of Jr. to RCR in 2011, driving either the 3 car or the 88 car with Goodwrench back as the sponsor. I feel it in my blood, Jr. knows he owes this to the sport and especially RCR for all that they made possible in Sr's career and Jr's fairy tale lifestyle.

    • i dont even think thats an option,kurts fine where hes at now

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      • I think that Shell said Kurt drives for us. Kes is only in his 1st full year and Hornish is, well, just Sam, and Sideways Sam most the time. So with a sponsor like Shell/Penzoil I'm betting they chose Kurt. Then again, they like to use their drivers in commercials. WoW! Why go to Penske then? Kurt look like a chipmunk with his beady eyes and puffy cheeks. Kes! well His ancestors could be some of the product, being a Pterodactyl and all. LMAO. They can't use Hornish, the joke would be you're not suppose to put the Penzoil on the tires.


      • I've learned to never doubt anything Roushkadamas has to offer as news Tombo. RK does not come to the main board just to spew whimsical crap. Although the Blue Duece is the Penske flagship, who knows what has gone on behind closed doors.

        Kurt has a tendency to rub people around him the wrong way at times. Jack Roush handed him the world and he pissed it away. Roger Penske has even told Kurt that if he has that big of a problem driving that car, he could park it and they would certainly be able to find someone willing to try.

    • I`m sure there will be a few changes next year? I don`t know if I agree with Kurt leaving the #2. but what ever happens ,happens.


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