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    Lets c who knows wat the hell there talkin bout i got my eye on u gossipers , youll r chaters not nascar fans , nascar joe

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    • Hi billy mays here for people keepin an eye on folks while yelling on the message board. Only myself and big willie are allowed to holler and carry on out here what you got to offer up cuz im keepin my eye on you too! You can get yourself a holler and carry on on the message board kit for the low low price of 19.95! Act now, and get a second holler and carry on on the message board kit absolutely free! You heard it right, that's two holler and carry on on the message board kits for the low price of 19.95 call now!
      772 257 4501

    • Where's my money? You lost!!! Why did you leave out Roushkateer and Da Goat?

      Just send the money via paypal to this address. LMAO.


    • This post gave me a severe headache and "YOULL R CHATERS..." actually made me weep for this sad individual.

    • HaHa, SWEET!!!!!!! I love to watch Jr.'s groupies scrap to uphold his greatness.

      I was only quoting what his own crew chief told him.

      Honestly,I'm on the fence, don't care if he's 8th or 38th in points.

    • No, MoToR - it is NOT IP - I know thet ning does not allow IPs to carry into individual sites.

      I'll talk with Rimz about it; as I said, it is personal, and not something thet would be a concern to anyone but me, I don't think.

    • You reason is mostly IP. it is a ning site. you can go to ning.com and see they do not allow owners to see or record IP addy's. just as Yahoo will not allow you to see record or even give out with out the law. It is far safer then my space Facebook and even here if you ask me. I come here when everyone is busy
      in their groups. Only because of the game. That and where else can I bloviate like this. LoL.


    • Thanks MoToR, and yes I would very much enjoy going back.

      Let me jest say, you may be the reason I left, but you aren't the reason I don't go back. As you say, thet's water under the bridge.

      Anyway, my reasons are very a-typical and should not affect anyone else thinking of joining, I'm jest a bit gun-shy for My Own Reasons and have a reservation or two about ANY small site. I'll discuss them with Rimz, and I am sure I'll be back, as soon as I've put them to rest.

    • I'm not saying don't utter the name. I'm saying bring you @$$ back. LoL. Our fued is over. I care not to E-mail you with reasons why, nor post them out here. If you came to NN we can chat and I will explain my thoughts. I know it was me Who made you feel unwelcome. We have both grown past that. (atleast I hope you are) No we will never agree and I will always let you know when i disagree. Just not to the extent of the idiotic level I did last year. Yes Buckeyes made me see the light on that. So you want to rep then get your butt back because You can draw people. THE FUED IS OVER!!!!


    • Hee-hee, MoToR, good post!

      Well, MoToR, in terms of offering it up to a single poster - apparently many peeps are reading this thread, so it was meant to clue others in as well - jest some PR, which often appears on this board. I respect Rimz and like to show my support.

      But, otherwise, you are correct. My recommending it stems from the fact thet I thought very highly of it while I was there, and have received emails from NN announcing up-dates and such, and because I have great respect fro Rimz and many who belong there, so I was jest assuming it was a good site - the old "ass-u-me" thing. I usually do jest tell people they may enjoy checking it out, thet I haven't been there in awhile for personal reasons, but really had enjoyed it when I was there.

      However - right you are! Until I have been back to NN and seen it in its present state for myself, I shall not let its name roll off my lips or keyboard, thet is for the UTD-knowledgable to do.

    • I bet all y'all miss the JA Team now, don't you?

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