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  • Duh, Sorry!!!!! then I almost replied back in it. Just wasn't thinking.


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    • It's cool, MoToR - the last time something like this happened, I Made It a Point to say thet I was only posting to the thread because it was already at the top of the first page, so I wasn't bumping it. I meant to say thet this time, but forgot....and I wasn't going to "bump" it by pointing it out later, LOL.

      Anyway, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to point out thet no one would believe a word of thet sort of stuff anyway, because everyone knows thet I am hopelessly devoted to, and yearn tragically for, Mr. Ed.....


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      • Well I can say this I don't mind you taking he heat. It keeps them off me. LoL. Don't worry they will never leave me fully. I'm way to contraversal to be left complete alone. Welcome to the big time. is it everything you thought it would be. LMAO.

        At least we know he isn't completely stupid, think of the things we have taught him already. Spamming don't work, Rating is futile, Now if we can get him to make real posts, ahhhh who am I kidding that is hoping for way too much.



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