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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ Mar 25, 2010 10:45 AM Flag

    We The PEOPLE

    THIS is the main reason the health care reform is wrong, spoken by a true patriot


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    • Reagan knew socialized health care was a bad idea in 1961!!!!!!!!


    • Are you listening to this Obama? YOU SHOULD BE!!!!

    • No longer can you be kicked off your plan for the crime of getting sick. If you lose your job, no longer must you live in fear of losing your insurance when the COBRA runs out. If you get cancer, no longer can your insurance company pore over the records and cancel your policy because you failed to disclose your childhood acne.

      Now, finally, facts will intervene. Is health care reform really the end of America, as so many Republicans have so feverishly warned? Is the economy really going to collapse? Are we suddenly going to start frog-marching in mass formations past our Dear Leader? Is the government really going to start funding abortions? Or was Obama just flat-out lying when he signed, at the last minute, that executive order promising Bart Stupak and the abortion-hating Democrats that the government would do no such thing?

      No longer must you fear the worst. Just walk outside and see if the sky is falling.

      One thing, however, is clear already: In the middle of a severe economic slump, despite all the hand-wringing and whining, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats kicked ass. Now they've got the Big Mo to reform the financial system, start paying down the deficit, reform immigration, and fix the global warming problem. The future is at hand. That hopey-changey thing is working out just fine, thank you. And you can measure it in the relentless attacks that are certain to come, because trashing health care before it goes into effect is the only weapon Obama's enemies have left.

      Another thing is very clear: Every single Republican voted against reform. Their record is now 3-0. This party fought against Social Security right up until George Bush gave up its last attempt to "privatize" reform into more profits for the geniuses of Wall Street. This party fought against Medicare right up to the day Bush packed it with another trillion dollars or so in unfunded mandates. (And excuse me if I indulge in the conspiratorial suspicion that the GOP's real motive was to bankrupt Medicare so they could drown it in that government-killing bathtub they're always going on about.) Then, for the last year, this party fought against universal health care so feverishly that, by the end, the Republicans actually had the chutzpah to attack the Democrats for funding reform out of existing revenues. That's right: When the Democrats did the responsible thing and moved money around within the federal budget, paying for reform without adding a penny to the deficit, the Republican Party suddenly started crying crocodile tears for Medicare.

      Read more: http://www.esquire.com/the-side/richardson-report/health-care-reform-pros-and-cons-032210#ixzz0jCwBjEJb

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      • your an Obama if you believe any of this garbage. We have rules on how a bill is made law. They weren't followed!!! we have constitution that does not say we shall force the people to buy a product. Where in the constitution does it say you are entitled to health care? would it not be easier to let the market take care of itself through free enterprise? Medicade is a joke and the cause of the whole problem. Now even though I live my life some what unhealthy, I live my life with the thought that if I do something stupid I will have to pay the bill to fix me. Now all the moochers will do what ever because they don't have to worry about their well being anymore. oh and since people are that stupid, now we will taxed on everything that can be construed as detrimental to your health. that coffee can harden your veins and cause heart attacks, put a health tax on it. That beer of your causes you liver to fail Tax it!! read meat causes cancer Tax it!! being a vegetarian causes depletion protein from your body and they don't pay the read meat tax, Tax lettuce!!

        I use to say Government get out of my house what i do in it is my business now I am saying Get out of me. Ask a doctor what he thinks of this bill. I say F' medicare all together. Survival of the fittest. You want to sit on your ass collecting welfare getting fat so that we have to pay to keep you fat lazy ass alive. Hell no, let him roll his ass to the mortuary so people won't have to carry him. To much money is wasted in this country on those that won't do for themselves. it turns into a vacuum effect. Fat lazy unhealthy, gonna die, it up to you to fix it before too late not me and my money. They didn't have to take over healthcare to fix the problem. Just quit helping the helpless.Sometimes you have to let the weak die so that they don't kill everyone. when you help the helpless you take away the drive to survive. then others say Hey I want to be fat and lazy too. Soon you have a country of fat lazy people. Oh wait thats why the mexicans are here. Because as Americans too many sit around sucking the money out of this country and for what? So they can make more fat and lazy kids, and each one of them will have 6 or 7 fat lazy kids and each of them will have 6 or 7 fat lazy kids. and so on and so on. To be strong does not mean save everyone. we need to help who needs help and let die the ones that that have no desire to do anything but be unproductive and multiple while doing it. The problem is not the insurance companies or the Doctors, It is the Government allowing this to happen by contributing. Stop welfare and let weak either get strong or die.

        So sue me if you think my thinking is cold. you want to collect welfare you should be given a job to perform. You should be wards of this country. you want some one to pay for your life then you can be owned. I personally would rather fend for myself, and die if unsuccessful. Than take money out your pocket through government. there are plenty of Doctors that will sacrifice their time and even money to help the ones that need help but our government is now going to tell them they have too. This government is so far from "for the people" they work for taxpayers. You get welfare you have no right to vote. you are wards of the country. This government does not work for you, but you for it. no Dumbrat would ever be elected to office again if that were the case.


      • Time will tell...excellently put.

    • Woowoo 4 health care , we need rules and regulations on the insurance company , but im not communist so please obama dont tell me wat i can and cant do with my money .

    • this is a test

    • Not news to me DaGoat. There are some nefarious things cooking all over the globe.

      OK......I won't spoil every one's happy existence.

    • Very Nice Rimz.....Thanks
      This is all so wrong!

    • I think Dawg is a Big Boy. Neither of us Went into calling each other names we spoke our minds and we will move on. In the end we all live with the effect or consequence of the actions. I don't think that because we disagree we can't be friends. That is the problem with many on here they get all puffy over a disagreement. Say you piece and move on. Does anything said here ever really matter? Dawg is a strong man and I'm sure he is not happy I disagree with him, but if that a basis for not being a friend then he is not much of a man. I don't think Me and Dawg will have any troubles moving past a disagreement. Because he is man enough to see that that is all it is a difference of opinion from 2 different people. I will say after seeing the news and the crazy stuff I predicted to you yesterday is already starting to happen. I will tame back my rhetoric. I'm seeing that there are more crazy people then me on the same side as me on this issue. bullets through windows, gas lines cut. I've even said some things about Pelosi that could be construed as calls for heads. I say thing on here because I feel passionate about it and others comment. I don't want to be one of those with black helicopters flying over my house. So with that I will do as much as I can to let his issue go. But not because this is a nascar board or any other than this is one hot button even I am scared to touch anymore. LoL. I think I said enough about it. I don't like it I don't agree with it and Will do every peaceful thing I can do to try to stop it.


    • so bush pulled the trigger and killed 5000 people...lol

      man you really should pull your head out of the sand and brush on some facts

    • he issued an executive order to go into iraq . ? why when you mention anything bush did in his 8 yrs REP don't give him credit for anything ?

      I mean the stimulous start with bush and carried over to obama yet the right only blame obama ? even though bush gave the first and one of our largest stimulous bail outs ..

      bush was president .. why was he even elected if the guy literally did nothing for 8 yrs?

      bush sent us to Iraq over lies .. and motor had no problem at all with that then his outrage over domestic money being spent domestically its laughable .. not to mention its not like obama was sneaky in his effort for this healthcare .. we knew from day one he wanted it ..

      bush lied from day one about Iraq . and then it was m y bad i just spent a trillion and killed 500 oof your brother father sisters. iraq had neither WMD or ties to alquaida or 911


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