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  • AJ Turtle AJ Turtle Mar 21, 2010 9:12 PM Flag

    Speeding penalties?

    I see what you are saying, but still every car is different and the speedometer of the pace car may not be identical to what the radar sees along pit row. Let's look at this from the driver point of view. Do you really think Danica was speeding all those times through the pits in the one race where they caught three times? Of course she was, but she thought she wasn't because she was watching the tach and it said she wasn't. Was the tach in her car calibrated to the same speed as the radar? Most likely not. I don't see her just going down pit row everytime and speeding intentionally. She was told that so many rpm's means this mph, and that is where she would have the tach. At least the last two time anyway. Each car is going to have a different rpm's at 55 mph. and it varies alot depending on what gear ratio each of them have and to what gear they are in while on pit lane.

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