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    Lead lap Rubbin

    So after a day of contemplating, I came to the conclusion that I like this new rule of rubbin is racing. If an obvious hunt down to flip only gets 3 day probation and no points or fines. then anything goes on lead lap cars. the punishment for taken out a 6th place driver on purpose is so low what can they do to someone on the lead lap? Nothing! So this changes the spectrum a bit. Drivers like Montoya Kyle Tony Kurt and Brad will reign supreme. they can and will rubb you to move you. if rubbin is racing why do so many think Kes is to aggresive? after all rubbin is racin so lets go rubbin boys. i'm going to like this new style of waiting for Boss Hoss to regret not doing it right and leaving himself some room to play. Now it's gonna get good. Drivers have no fear of being punished so Vengeance is good. maybe they should have broke it down to driver A and Driver B instead of what carl did to Kes. they could have seen the error in Judgemnet. now thee is no looking back. big teams with big money can fight them tooth and nail. if they don't get their way into the courts for NASCAR to be scrutinized. JMHO


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    • Nobody appreciates Kes, because for one he is the dorkiest looking thing to hit Nascar since Digger came along. For two, he is on the other side of the fence, he drives for two teams most Nascar fans generally can't stand JRM and blahhhh Dodge.
      Personally I don't like him because when he speaks in his interviews he sounds like this stupid little kid that nobody could stand running around the neighborhood. Sorry I just don't like the guy, never have and probably never will. He is just plain out ugly and dorky looking, not what I visualize when I picture a guy behind a wheel going 190 plus!!!!

    • Excatly! LMAO! Just wait until it's Yoonyer or Gimmie gettin' the rubbin'! It's coming, so don't be cryin' people...

      A driver like Keselowski, who has been driving like this for the last couple of years (To hear it out here.) will dominate the series.

      You wanted it, you've got it!


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