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  • DepotDawgs DepotDawgs Mar 7, 2010 10:58 PM Flag

    Perhaps Brad can learn from JPM

    Brad will very soon realize, if he hasn't already, that your past always comes back to haunt you, and it will take form in the most crucial times. Sure Brad was in the top 5, and Carl wasn't even contending, but for the many times that Brad has dumped someone else out of the race, this is where Brad should wake up and realize, one thing, and that is just what I stated above.

    All of you folks who are longtime racing fans should know by now, this is how it works, for those drivers who want to be the "Next" Dale Earnhardt Sr., and even the drivers before Dale Sr, long before, will all tell you, you reep what you sew, even in the racing world, the only difference is that you will reep what you sewed when racing, in the most crucial moments of your career. Perhaps like running for a top 5, and getting dumped by a guy that you didn't even think twice about dumping the year before at Talladega.

    Welcome to Nascar.... Brad, it's gonna be a long hard ride, but if you stick with it eventually you will be fine.

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    • Well said Mean Green! Amen. "What would Dale Sr. do?" Yep exactly.

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      • Dale Sr would never take his car 156 laps down and crashed a sixth place car. He had more class than that. Dale Sr also would not have cut down on Kez in turn one hoping Brad would lift, he was a smarter driver than that.

        Here's an idea... How about giving Brad the same amount of respect as anyone else, say like a Jimmie or Mark?

    • well said this troll is grasping for straws now there has never been a suspension is what they keep saying. Well no one ever did something this stupid 156 laps down. enjoy your time with your baby Carlie. you will have 2 weeks @least to enjoy your new life and think about your present one.


    • spoken like a true person who doesn't look at facts only the nonsense that DW spews. Carl admitted fault in DEGA. With the exception of Dummy Hamlin who has Kes spun on purpose? That and did you watch the 1s accident Carl caused, no matter what the blind dumb@$$ DW says Kes went as far left as he could to avoid Carl. any farther and he spins himself taking out half the field. Look at the replays but turn off the sound so you can view it with out that Dumb@$$ DW clouding you view of what actually happened.


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      • Look, I never said that Carl didn't do it on purpose, in fact I even kind of hinted that Carl did do it on purpose. As far as the crash at Dega last year not being Brad's fault, I don't care who you are.... JJ, Tony, Jeff, Brad or mofojoe, if you are involved in an accident in Nascar, it was partly your fault, even if you didn't crash, otherwise you wouldn't have even been around that accident.
        Brad has been at the scene of many accidents in his young career, and like I said his past is coming back to haunt him and it will for a while, nothing he can do, you can do, he can say, or you can say that will change that, all he can do is accept it for what it is and move on and mature. If he doesn't accept it and move on, then he will end up just another afterthought. Every driver in the history of Nascar has went through this maturing process, and so why should Brad be an acception.
        Oh yeah, Carl won't be parked, I guarantee you that much. Shock Probation, maybe, but there is no way he will get parked.


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