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  • dragontail dragontail Mar 7, 2010 6:53 PM Flag

    If we all did what Cousin Carl did this weekend,

    if BK dies carl goes to jail? what are you stupid. this is racing. BK got what he had coming. everyone is up in arms because the car flipped. well guess what if it had just been a spin like hamlin last year everyone would be praising carl for teaching that little snot nose a lesson. and if you think this is retaliation for just one wreck earlier in the race you must not be a fan or watch much racing. change your name to MoRoN

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    • Your Honor let present the video of how Carl Edwards not only intentionally, but Maliciously caused the death of a fellow racer. If you notice the lap before he was trying to wreck the deceased. When those attempts failed you'll Notice him change his body position as he drives up into the car on purposes causing the deceased car to be up-ended. Which in turn was the cause of his death. With lack of though he intentionally and willfully used a 3500 weapon to take a life.

      That sounds some what like how the prosecuting attorney would be selling this to a jury. Race or not if he purposely caused the death of another driver Charges would be filed don't think they won't. Nascar can only protect so much. Laws are laws and that was not a racing deal it was just malicious and though it might not be murder using a car is vehicular Homicide on the streets in a farm. If it was racing that is one thing but 156 laps down Carl intentionally put Kes in danger. Now I backed up my stance with facts not with name calling so maybe you should be the one to change your name.


    • ohhhh..your opinion here is the best thing that has happened to this message board..thanks for the input..but MoRoN..will still be here after you lose your steam..



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