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  • Mr Sunday ☼ Mr Sunday ☼ Mar 4, 2010 10:46 PM Flag

    Time to put em up

    Kahne ^^^ Sorry MoToR,didn`t mean to spell your guys name wrong....

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    • LoL Happens to the best of us.

      It's not like you said you're a Jimmy fan. LMAO. I always love that one. They always forget spell it like a girl.

      Kahne is good on this track, but I usually have a sense about him. last year I called him to Win the Allstar race. Man i caught flack for that because I did it before he was even locked in. When he wrecked in the race in, even more. Then He Was Voted in. When he won So did I. It was the greatest call Ever. If I could do that every week you guys would be playing for second. Unfortunately this year i have no wins and 3, 2nds A couple hopefuls looked good for me and then wrecked. So I'll take it. Although when I think about last year @ Atlanta MoToR Speedway in the Fall. I didn't see it coming but when it happened it was awesome. Being there when he won was great. Then in Dega in the fall he was 2nd. I guess that is why I can't just walk away from him because he is in a blue oval. Good luck on your pick I'll be routing for you to be the caller this week. If it's not me. LoL.



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