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    with no testing. to me the biggest question teams like red bull vickers was so succesful on the cookie cutters last year. rcr hot start will it continue? i do beleive hendrick will still be the team to beat but i think the gap from jimmie to jeff closes some. also i believe the roush cars will be more dominent. I just think there is some questions to be answered? good luck roush with the rest of the season.

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    • Don't get me wrong, I know some fine law enforcement officers, they just don't walk around all puffed up. Bucksnbulls comes off as any other ass wad with a gun and a badge to me.

      He's a bully, and like MoToR stated earlier... Probably because he was getting swirlies in the boys room courtesy of the football team as kid and just found the easy way to exact revenge.

    • as soon as he admits he started it. you are now starting to see why I singled him out. Maybe he should stay in your group where he seems to be cool because out here he is only a road bump. I have been out here for years and get along with most. You will see when I'm wrong about someone I admit it openly. Sometime I fail to see something and misinterpret a personality. In this case I do not think I'm wrong. I'm waiting to see though. He can make it alright, just admitting he was wrong he came on a tread of mine being disrepesctful to me. I have only returned the favor ever since then. as you can see i have answered you as best and as friendly as I could for a few weeks now. Never offending you. wouldn't you say I am a pretty good judge of caricature. I figured you out to be a good guy.


    • Well the way Ii see it it you are the one came out as a bulley. A cop LMAO. So you got in the force to push people around. You came on talking Sh!t to me, and now you realize it was a mistake. remember when I said put you nads up. You came on smacking and acting like you were someone. HMMMMM maybe you are a cop. Just not one of the good ones. One of the ones who had no friends as a kid so took a job as a cop to be a bully. If you would like this to end, it is fine but I needed to point out the facts on how this started. I said some would win and he didn't. I put my nads up. As soon as Jimmie won you acted as if you said he would but didn't, not once. That my friend is arrogant and stupid, that is how this started. So think back and if you man enough to admit yo were wrong in your actions I shall do the same. After all you have a right to speak. Yet I have the right to point out your flaws. Also as law inforcement you know harassment and threats are a violation of the TOS. So try to act as law enforcement and we may believe you. If you trully are then you would understand the shame you bring to law enforcement with you actions. The ball is in your court you can admit you started it apologize and we can move on or I can continue to point out your flaws. your choice.


    • Im not sure but i beleive he was a c/o for the dnr just give him a break he sounds like a pretty cool dude in our league

    • You spent years in law enforcement and now you want to talk about peoples rights...?

      Law enforcement is the true definition of oppression...

      Yes, we need people to uphold the laws. But to ticket someone for not wearing a seatbelt while driving to an abortion clinic is assenine! You can have a gun, but you want mine? You can drive drunk, but I get a DUI if I have had two beers in an hour and a half...?

      I knew there was something that smelled funny here.

    • That's why I joined Fantasy Sports and what I stress in my leagues. Let's have fun and talk trash but be respectful. And if I can't say something nice... .
      And BTW My profile hasn't changed for 4 years. The pictures change weekly but the information has remained the same and no I don't use multiple screen names. Sorry.
      And yes us Hunters do stand together. Our rights are being taken from us every day. I won't let my or others' "Public Rights" here be violated. I spent too many years in Law Enforcement to let that happen. So let's take Wheels advise and get along. Or agree to disagree and Ignore.

    • see you don't get all uptight and get the humor. that s why you have no problems. Welcome to our board wheelin. Thank you for noticing I do have a little knowledge. You also know who one our smartest members is, My friend Roush. I look to him for advise even if I don't like fords. LoL.


    • lmao thats funny dude i think you know your racing so lets keep the board for racing fans lol. and good luck hunting all of us hunters do have to stick together even the ones that hunt people lol

    • what a troll and a scardy cat. create a id just to hunt me. Dumb dear in he headlights.


    • wheelin it is not good to associated with stupid people. I have no problem with you you ask intelligent questions and don't act like you own the place. I point out stupidity because I have that right. The old deer in the headlights just came on the board all wrong. He want's to try to be something he has no idea how to be. A leader!!! I just don't tolerate pompuss band Wagoneers. you will see no problems out here, but I'm a hunter too. I hunt stupid people.


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