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  • Melanie Melanie Mar 7, 2010 1:51 AM Flag

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday Benny! If it makes you feel any better, my dad is older than you.

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    • Mrs. Melanie Montoya, I thought that you publicly admitted to us on here that you were 21, why does your profile still say you are 31? Are you pulling a Natalie(Big Brother) on everyone? If you don't know just for sake of simplicity, Natalie was on the TV show Big Brother and she was really 24, however she fooled the whole cast and told them she was only 18, of course she looked it!!!! This was a wonderfully though out game plan for Natalie, as it got her to the very end of the show, because noone considered an 18 year old a threat lmao.

      So I ask you Melanie Montoya are you 21 or 31? Either way I think I want to introduce you to my Hillybilly Bone Ba Bone Bone!!!!!


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