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  • Uncle Supe Uncle Supe Mar 1, 2010 1:03 AM Flag

    Ugh... Shut um the F'up

    I summon the "Super friends"
    You know who you are... sssssssssgetum

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    • Someone needs to get the ghost of my good ole friend (RIP), Billy Mays out here to advertise his forum board cleaning kit lmao.
      we summonds you Billy Mays, come to us for just one last time, my friend, may you bring us much knowledge and to fight this horrible meat they call SPAM!!!!

    • gagger have you used the super board cleaner. Ignore user cleans the whole board up. It's like stupid people have never been here. I once was bothered till I found super cleaner. Try some today.


    • repost

    • i am summoned my spacegodzilla

    • Gagger there is no point doing anything but acting as if his Dumb @$$ isn't even here. If you put him on ignore he will only grow bored of his games. If you pay him attention he will keep it up. I keep trying to tell everyone not to play with the kid. Some of this is my fault because he is trying desperately to get me to pay him attention. He seems to have a crush on me and Joanie. now others are playing with him and because of that he will come back for more. The only option is ignore the extremely stupid ones, like this idiot. It will take time but maybe, just maybe if other people would quit hitting the garbage he throws then he'll get tired and go away. The game of smackdown against a one line dingbat only brings you to his level. My choice is if he ever really wants to have it out he would just start one thread and stay on it and not act like a spoiled brat stamping his feet because Joanie and I actually can get people to like us. That is what it comes down too. He has no friends so he tries to drag others with friends to his level so they lose their friends. Because they start to look like a dumb ass just like him.

      Sammy oh stupid sammy I know you have read this. It will be the only time I do respond to your pouting and screams for attention. Try as you may but you only waste your time. Know this, every time you post, I laugh Because I see how bad you want what I have. You will not bring me to the point of looking as stupid as you. I will not chase you and though I have been foolish enough to go to the golf board from which you came, if I go back it won't be for you. It is true I am ruthless on those who fall prey but I pity the really stupid ones like you. When you become a problem I go to a place that is a growing in numbers because of you. LMAO. I love how your goal is to try to tear me down and you only build me up. Your stupid little posts all fall away and would do so even quicker if others would wise up. Look at me I can spam, I can spam!! So pathetic, to claim to be a god is just stupid. I never hear anyone else say it. You keep spouting it because you hope some one will believe it. You don't declare yourself to be a leader, you are appointed. I didn't ask for the position I was shoved into it, and now I will continue to to show this board how to get rid of you. By completely ignoring your Dumb @$$ again. I hope you enjoyed me finally paying you attention. Now go back to playing with your little balls and putter.



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