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  • Dru_33 Dru_33 Feb 21, 2010 7:13 PM Flag

    Picks for today!

    I finished with JJ, Harvick, Bowyer, and Speed.

    I say that was a pretty good day.

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    • You didnt pick Kyle?! Whats wrong with you? Seriously good race.

      If I had switched Burton for Kahne I would have finished 1st 2nd 3rd and 10th Nad Head.

      • 1 Reply to John D
      • Yo Nad Head!!! Yeah you Buck.

        Do you know how much "if" really means?

        Jeeeezzzzz it never stops with the if. Man, 'IF" you had a brain you wouldn't have posted the statement that prompted me to make this post which you wouldn't be wasting your time reading. KAPEESH?

        Damn man, we all had drivers that were benched instead of on the track. The biggest difference between you and me is that with what I left on the track, I kicked your but with 347 points for the race.

        "IF" I'd have mad a move to drive a man instead of bench him, it would have been even better. Talk to your ol' lady all night long about how good you could have been "if" you'd done this or done that. I'm sure she's heard plenty of reasons how you could have been better "if" ??? had been different.

        IMA go sob in a beer now on your behalf......"NOT!!!!!"



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