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  • I didn't see any thing wrong with what he did,bumping is racing.He` s a racer , #3 did the same thing. Joey is a suck ass pussy boy,it looked like he was going to cry. Nobody said boo when Jr split Boyer and biffle last week,and almost recked those guy`s,not mention if he did,that would have knockout most of the field.Than what everybody would have jumped on Jr for doing a stupid move.That`s racing boy`s & girl`s.

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    • A driver still needs respect from his fellow drivers. Kes has NO respect from his peers. #3 had the utmost respect from all his competitors.

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      • Short term memory is a bitch Benny...

        When Dale Sr came onto the scene, the King, Jaws, and almost everyone in the garage hated him. They said this kid will never make it in the big leagues...

        Then suddenly, they realized he wasn't going to back down...

        That's when the respect came!

      • all the other drivers know that he will recover and come back and do the same thing back. No one wants to look stupid like Dummy. Every knows Dummy has been made to look stupid by kes more then one time. Just like the idiot Dummy is, he always comes back to be spun more. I think everyone will quit trying to block him, sooner or later they will learn he is there to win, not be pushed around. Don't get mad because little Roo pulled an Edwards, @least he didn't get airborne. I watched the post race interview and little Roo never blamed the Pterodactyl. He only Cried about Biffle when he (Roo) spun his tires



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