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    Sarah Palin...

    now lets all show her the respect she earned and deserves!!

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    • Palin seems to me to be a bit of a doofus at times.

    • Sarah Palin will be qualified to run for president when women are allowed full combat arms positions in the military

      Until then, she's not qualified

      She's not qualified either way, but personally this is the reason i feel strongest about........that and shes just another pretty face or strong jaw with a quirky attitude or swagger that Washington tosses at us to distract us hamsters from the fact they are all corrupt so we will continue to have pissing matches about whether republicans or dems or libs or conservatives are worse when they are all just corporately backed poster children for their area and the only thing they are doing is running our gov't economic standing into the ground......BOTH SIDES equally

      Glenn Beck is a tool who uses fear mongering to make a buck, hippies don't have any understanding of how the "true real world" works and everyone in between is standing around with their thumb up their ass cause their life is too cushy to really give a shit........people only give enough of a shit to make themselves feel like they did their part and that is it........I'll go ahead and put myself in that category as well, but I'm not gonna sit around and pretend like one side or the other is better.....you guys can but i just cant bring myself to do it.......I'm not painting that turd

      Anyways, most of our citizens problems have to do with our self obsessed, lazy, instantly gratified approaches at working, child rearing and being a decent human being as a whole

      This country is awesome and fucking jacked up at the same time and it is everyones fault.......equally

      Politicians fuck things up and we continue to sit behind our computers pissing at each other rather than marching 50 million deep into washington and informing them that if they dont all get out nicely we are going to remove them by unpeaceful means, but we wont, but we will continue to bitch and pretend like our candidate is a better choice and we are making the 'responsible decision"

      everyone continue to act like the self indulgent douchebags that they do and i guarantee you one thing.....the revolution will be televised and it will be the corporations that own the stations telling us that they bankrupct us again but they are going to maui for vacation while we pay 4 dollars for gas and let them fuck us at the cash register 47 times a day without any kind of industrial strentgth lubricant

      I love you guys

      thank you thank you, the seven thirty show is different than the six thirty show........cuz the other guys funnier than i am
      Tip da waitstaff..........Goodnight!!!

    • I can see the anti campain now...

      Palin is Falin!

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    • 71% say she's unqualified.. She'd be better off modeling for Victoria's Secret !!!


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